April 14th, 2005

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Arianna is the best

Sometimes things just can't be better said:

A Cornucopia of Death
By Arianna Huffington

This editorial is mainly about Pope John Paul II.

Among the top quotes:
We were told again and again last week about how committed John Paul was to promoting a culture of life. I guess the 20 million people who have died from AIDS are the exception that proves the rule.
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Featured alumna

A while back, I was on UMass Germanic Languages and Literatures Dept. home page and saw they had an alumni page for updates, so I wrote in with a bit of info, which finally has made it up!

Alumna: Wendy Darling

I decided to focus on recent German-related activities. Also got a pic of Storm on there :)
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Aye aye!

I just did one of those SelectSmart quizzes, this one to match you to characters in Peter Pan...

...and apparently I'm Captain Hook.

I find that oddly satisfying.
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I ache

Ugh. Had a dentist appt. this morning at 9. The anesthetic kept my whole face numb until about 2:30. Then I went out for lunch. Now I have a yucky toothache. Actually I don't think it's an ache from the tooth that got the filling, but my jaw in general. They had to manhandle my jaw to get the filling in and ugh, I feel like somebody socked me.

In less crappy news...

  • Finished editing HUGE manuscript for a book being put out by IP. Only took me about 5 days, seeing as I was really into it. I'll say more about this at a later time.
  • I've magically convinced the Outworlders writing group, which normally does only queer SF/F/Horror to read The Persian Boy, which is historical fiction. I didn't plead or anything, just mentioned how I'd recently read it and it would be great for the group though not genre and... they all bit the bait!
  • Wrote a story for Outworlders' annual anthology last night. As usual, my contribution is short and weird. It's more of a vignette than a story but the whole thing only took about 35 minutes -- speed writing! I'm happy I managed something, given that the theme -- "comet" -- did NOT do anything for me.
  • My hair's lookin' good.
  • My last paycheck from Ga Tech included my new raise. Made a BIG difference! I could see working here a while longer... he he.
  • I'm going to be painting my 2 bathrooms and bedroom as soon as I get brushes and borrow the ladder from Caleb.
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Now that the anesthetic has totally worn off, I've determined that my toothache isn't coming from the tooth they put a filling in, but from a tooth they didn't do anything to :( It's my bottom right molar. Ow. I sweat they just jostled my mouth so much they accidentally "punched" it and it's wicked sore. Meanwhile I can't even tell where my filling is; I know it's right by the bottom right canine tooth but... he did such a good job I can't see or feel it.

As soon as I get home, I'm going to soak a towel in hot water and lay it on my jaw.
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I don't think I'll ever know why I speak the way I do.

BTW, for the record, the most markedly Yankee (well, Bostonion) thing I say is undoubtedly "wicked." As in...

wicked cool
wicked good
wicked awesome
wicked f*cked up
wicked crazy
friggin' wicked

It took me 'til I was like 20 to realize this wasn't a national standard of speech. Wicked!