April 15th, 2005

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I'm awake...

...and why am I awake?

Because the date setting for my Palm Pilot was one day off and it decided to throw the reminder alarm for yesterday's dentist appointment. Damn.

I really wish I was a morning person and could just jump up and use this time productively, but the truth is 8 p.m. is a much better time for me.
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The 3 Year Rule

My computer has started to groan "Replace me, replace me, replace me..." It's 11 and I'm still trying to get it to DO something. That Scandisk I just ran was fun. Too bad I can't run virus check without the thing freezing. Now Outlook is stuck. Internet access (at least through cable) is down too.
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Hair & Mirror

Since a few of you have requested it, some pics of my latest 'do. Which is nothing much, but I like a lot. Plus hey, it's very good considering how hard it is to get a stylist to cut hair short AND make it look good.

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