April 16th, 2005

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Sunny outside, not inside

So the "Black Wave" is back and I really hate it. What really sucks is that in the immediate, I can't do anything about it. Now with a headache, I can take an aspirin; if I cut myself, I can get a bandage; if I have a cold I can take some medicine. But when the Wave comes, all I can do is just wait 'til it ends. Meanwhile I find it extremely difficult to work, concentrate, clean, get chores done. I swear the only thing I want to do is burrow into my bed, because the entire world makes me so uncomfortable.


Caleb has been talking to me about how I should switch doctors and see the doctor he does. Reasons for this include the fact that the clinic I go to seems bad about follow-up, plus their focus is mainly on older patients, so to them I seem totally healthy, but only in a relative sense since my kidneys work, I don't have a pacemaker, etc. The clinic is also crappy about giving me referrals, like when I asked for a nutritionist lately and got no help. I also know I would not be able to get a complete physical from them if I ask; they'd just fill out a piece of paper, take my pulse and blood pressure, then pronounce me OK. Caleb's doctor sounds amazing, like he's compeltely wholistic, great about referrals, emphasizes preventative stuff, follows up, etc. I'm thinking I could switch over and then get a referral for both a nutritionist and somebody I could talk to about this depression stuff.
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On a positive note

There are about 1000 negative things I could ramble on at this point, but rather than do that, some recent good experiences...

Last night Caleb and I took the 16 up to Virginia-Highland. Neither of us bought anything EXCEPT gelato. I got a new flavor I liked very much -- rosemary! Yes, Paolo's now has rosemary gelato and it's green and delicious. I had a cup that was half that, half Limoncello, a flavor that mimics the sweet Italian lemon liqueur. Mmmmm. After the gelato experience, we walked down over to Piedmont Park, went around Midtown, and then started up Peachtree. We caught the 10 bus back near the Fox. I think we must've walked a couple of miles though.

The French cafe downstairs is now open two nights a week for dinner (for which it's packed!) as well as, starting this weekend, Saturday and Sunday brunch. For the most part, this place is completely OFF my diet, but jeez, I love knowing they are there. Actually I had lunch there yesterday, since I found food that was not "naughty," i.e. really delicious spicy lentil soup and a greens & apple salad. That place is almost too good to be true.

This morning Caleb and I went to Alon's for breakfast, as we do every Saturday. Mmm. I had a cranberry scone, Greek yogurt w/honey, and "Passion" tea. Plus I got a loaf of rye bread.

If all else sucks, food is usually good.
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Piggies in the Park

Just got back from an hour and a half of park-time with my pookies :) I did this a couple times last year and they loved it. Now it's nice out again so out we went, this time to a different park, a little one right near my place. It's only about a 10 minute walk and they were fine with being in the carrier. Once there, I set up a little fencing and let them have fun. It was like the ultimate buffet for them; they had lots of grass, clover, and dandelions. (And no, before somebody asks, they don't treat -- or really even mow! -- the grass in this park.) They chased one another around, laid down in the shade, cleaned themselves off when the ground got their paws dirty. Also got in some "guinea pig education," as about ten people came up to me either wanting to know what they were. Two moms with little girls came over and I let the kids pet Abbie, who was fine. YinYang and Abbie both ate to the max and finally were just lying there nibbling, too full but too tempted. They're home now in their cage, probably dazed and confused about where they just were. Later they were dream about it.

Oh, and while I'm talking piggies, here's a recent picture