April 18th, 2005

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Big Sigh

Of interest to those who do web stuff, this headline in today's NYT:

Adobe to Buy Macromedia in $3.4 Billion Stock Deal

I'm kind of uttering a BIG sigh about this though who knows, there could be benefits. Just... I actually LIKE having more competiting software systems out there, because they compete against one another to create better products. Also, having different software systems means that you can find one that suits your style; some people are Adobe, some are Macromedia, just like there are PC and Mac folks.
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Abortion = Black Genocide

I was just running a search to remember my OB/GYN's web site and came across a site called "American Death Camps" that lists out abortion clinics in the United States. The site is run by a group called Life Dynamics, who "will not stop until every one of these death camps is closed and the American holocaust is over." The particular page I found is on a site called Klan Parenthood (http://www.blackgenocide.com). I personaly have mixed feelings on abortion (taking an absolutist, binary-based position doesn't seem logical to me anymore), but a site this inflammatory just makes me go WTF?!

My doctor wasn't on the list, BTW, so I think there's just some clinic out there also called Gyncare.
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Bad air

Recently the problem of my sealed windows has come to a head, with me basically stuck in a situation where my windows are painted shut, I can't open them, and it sucks. The air is really bad in here, not just stale but stinky and sickly, since I can't air the place out! The animals (esp. the piggies) are not helping the situation any and it's a good thing I don't cook meat or it'd smell like *ss in here. It's wonderful for my allergies too...

Anyway, I sent some emails to neighbors asking for help, since a few have had the windows fixed, but one wrote back saying recent bldg. work on the exterior means the windows are newly painted & sealed from the *outside*, so it's really hard to open them now. I might still get somebody who's at least willing to *try* opening mine, but I'll have to wait on that.

Meanwhile, I just spent $200 on a high end HEPA air purifier unit, which should arrive in a few days. If I see that working, I'll get a second one, and hopefully that will make things better. I just can't stand it one minute longer.
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Dan Savage wrote me

This just in...

dear wendy,

cleaning out old emails and ran across this one. thanks for taking the time to write.


My original email:

Dear Dan,

I wanted to just high five you for your response to "Randall R." about his
claim that writing about Eros Tek's product line was somehow going to enable
torturers. You really amaze me. Along with Roger Ebert, you are the rare
columnist who can stay on topic while at the same time allowing for
unashamed personal opinion and politics to enter in. I mean, hell, you
called Amnesty International to talk about electric sex toys! You are
confident enough and honest enough not to hide behind some sort of mask of
"objectivity." Rock on.

Wendy Darling


Because I believe in telling people you love them while you can :)
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I just wrote a tech writing type thing telling a client how to set up Dreamweaver to edit his web site. Ug ug ug, my head hurts. It's like telling to somebody how to tie their shoes, which you do without thinking but which is hard to actually write out. I think I got everything, though, as I tested out my directions by following them. Hopefully my client is more DW-savvy than I credit him for so it will be a piece of cake.
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(no subject)

Today I was thinking about people who've strongly influenced my life. Here is a list of the majors in my life:

1. My mom.
2. My grandmother (Oma)
3. My dad
4. My sister Nancy (far ahead of other siblings)
5. Caleb
6. Susy
7. Storm

There have also been whole groups and/or communities of folks who have influenced me, like radical queers at UMass, the church I grew up in, online communities like the old VC boards, etc., which headed me into directions I wouldn't have taken without being part of those groups. My favorite teachers and profs were also very influential, although usually not in a long-term sense, as we aren't really in touch anymore. (Though my high school AP European teacher and I still exchange postcards.)
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Dizzy Day

I'm a little dizzy again, so I guess that explains why I read a headline about "Cardinals press on after first vote" as being about CANNIBALS. Yesterday I thought they were birds.


Despite the fact that I'm still depressed, I managed to whip my baser instincts into line and accomplish a lot of stuff, everything from setting up a doctors' appt. to send out bids for web site to cleaning up a couple of rooms.


I don't know what's up with the dizziness. Remembered yesterday how I've skipped my iron pills for a month and started taking them again today. I've had breakfast, small lunch, coffee, and then a 4 p.m. piece of pizza and a pear, so not like I didn't eat today. Just now I had a cup of chicken boillion, which has been my cure for similar dizziness since I was a kid (and which usually works). I swear though, I feel like a deflated baloon.


Caleb has a rental car for work today and the plan is for us to use it for some shopping tonight. I need to get litter for the piggies, plus some various specialty foods from Whole Foods, in the same shopping plaza. The litter comes in a huge bag so I appreciate any time I can get it using a car versus having to carry it on the bus.
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Recyling when the world is against you

Living in the not-so-progressive South, in the land of Coca-Cola (which has repeatedly blocked any "bottle bill"), and in a condo that doesn't even have newspaper recycling anmore (ugh), it's near impossible for me to do any mainstream sort of recycling. Newspapers, paper, glass, metal, plastic, etc. all gets tossed because there aren't any options out there -- not even the recylcing center in Little Five Points, which closed down a few years ago. I used to *bus* my recylables there, but alas, no longer.

Anyway, thinking on this today, I realized that I still manage to recycle a lot. Here's how I reuse and recycle things -- may it inspire you too.

- bird cage liner (duh!)
- occasional litter for piggies (goes through the shredder)
- window cleaner (better than paper towels)
- cover up for when I do painting
- gift wrap
- packaging (put something in it, folder, tape and mail)
- packing material

Cardboard boxes
- piggy houses
- storage containers
- shipping boxes (receive box, send it out later)

Plastic bags
- liner for pig's cage
- liner for under pig pen, when I put them out on the floor
- bags for shopping
- lunch bags
- bags for bringing stuff to work
- waterproof liner for packages
- garbage bags

Glass bottles
- food storage
- dry goods storage
- artwork (I paint them)
- candle holders

- rags
- costumes
- give to charity (so somebody else can use them)

And yes, I *was* raised on ZOOM and 70s Environmentalism... I'm surprised I don't wear macaroni jewelry...
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Wendy Darling

I was talking to a kid working for the UMass Annual Fund and had just given him my credit card info and specified money to go to Humanities, when he suddenly goes, "Do you believe in fairies?" I was like, "Um... what?!" and then he goes, "My friend here said to ask you that, I have no idea why... wait... oh, he says your name is from..." And then et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Sometimes my name is really annnoying.
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Food is good

Well, tonight has been good!

Caleb got back home with his rental car around 7:30, at which point Daniel and I met up with him and piled in so we could do a group shopping trip.

At Petsmart I got 2 giant packs of piggy litter, enough to last me about a month. Also saw they had the piggies' favorite "treat," this stuff from Vitalkraft called Rings. Soon I will get back to my Pavlovian conditioning experiments :)

Next we went to Whole Foods, where as usual I bought very specific things, namely things I can't get at the little produce stand I go to (weekly) or at Publix (which I visit only a couple times a month). Dicovered that WF has a peanut butter maker so got some fresh peanut butter; I love it because it tastes good and I know there isn't anything in it but peanuts. Also got one of my all-time favorite beverages, buttermilk, which is great for healthy eating because it's no fat but tastes spectacular. (I know many people hate it, but then again people hate black licorice and *like* watermelon, so there you go, tastes differ.) So all in all, it was a worthwhile trip and not high-spending. Some people call Whole Foods "Whole Checkbook" but I tend not to buy stuff I know I can get at the produce stand or a regular supermarket, so it sort of limits the "damage."

Back at home I grabbed one of my Moosewood cookbooks and hunted for a recipe that used green beans, since I had a bag of them about to go bad. Located a fab recipe for "Greek Stew" that only took 40 minutes to make and was wonderful! The main ingredients are onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, and green beans, with fresh parsley and lemon juice thrown in at the end. I definitely think this is up there with Moosewood's Moroccan Stew, which has artichoke hearts, tomatoes and potatoes, as well as lemon. I think I have a thing for Mediterranean soups that are sort of piquant, rather than being creamy or simply blah vegetables or all herbal. Artichokes and lemon in stew is yummy!

And BTW, I highly, highly recommend Moosewood cookbooks -- any of them -- to anybody interested in good, healthy eating from scratch. Even if you normally eat meat, this is vegetarian stuff you can make and like. I have 4-5 Moosewood cookbooks and even the "low fat" one (tonight's recipe souce) features mouth-watering wonders on every page. For those w/o a lot of time there's a "Moosewood at Home" cookbook that's all recipe that take under 30 minutes. I've used that to great success, making things like chickpea and tomato curry, which is sooooo easy but delicious. The "Sundays at Moosewood" book is a big favorite of mine b/c it's all international and provides not just entres, but base recipes, appetizers and deserts for every country or region. With that book, you can run your own restaurant in your kitchen ;)

One other good thing tonight: The local public radio station has been playing wonderful music all night. There was a recording of a live performance at UGA of some composer I'd never heard of. It was done by a string quartet and had to have been Russian, 20th century. Very striking! Afterward they played what I believe was the complete soundtrack to the 1951 movie Quo Vadis. That was a realllllly good soundtrack! And now they're playing Leonard Bernstein's Fancy Free! I wonder if this is b/c they're in the middle of a pledge drive and are trying to make up for it by playing fantastic, un-interrupted music all night?
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At Last! My NYC Trip

Well, somehow it's taken me almost an entire month to get around to it, but finally, here I got with my travel logs from my fun-packed trip to NYC (or properly, Manhattan, to be specific).

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It was too short a trip but then again, just enough.

And did I start a diet as soon a I got back? Why, yes, in fact, I did! LOL