April 19th, 2005

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Surprise visit

So I thought I was being interviewed by Creative Loafing tomorrow at 10. Minor misunderstanding. I am being interviewed -- but they are coming to visit me at home! The reporter had made it sound like a phone interview. Oh, well, glad the place is mostly clean. Just need to change the piggies' litter, clean the birdcage, hide a few things, and pick up the office. And sweep the floor of course.

I'm sooooo glad I haven't started painting yet!
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sideview, obamame_sideview

Dream Air, Dream Home

Well, prospects for having my windows opened (yes, literally) are looking bleak. I wrote to two neighbors of mine who've done it and neither had good news. One told me she'd had two open but then with the recent facade work on our building, they'd painted and then caulked them shut from the outside. My neighbor Ross meanwhile says he managed to yank the windows right after the workmen did them, but even so it was a lot a work and he basically shooed me away from even trying.

I'm quite discouraged about this, because I feel the air in here is unhealthy and am not sure air purifiers will really help, though I'm willing to try. Yesterday I laid out around $200 for a near top-of-the-line unit with a regular and HEPA filter. I'm going to try that out and see if it has any impact. If it does, I'll order a second one. Overall that's a bit of cash but with my allergies and being at home most of the time, being stuck inside with no fresh air and tons of dust and pet dander is just horrid. Even though I get used to it, when I walk in the door the odor hits me, just this stink of animal, cooking, etc. and it really ruins the niceties of what's otherwise a lovely home. Just want to *smash* the windows, I swear!

Meanwhile I told Caleb about all this and he basically encouraged my pipe dream of moving to this beautiful old building The Ponce up in Midtown (see this page for historic background). I *love* that building and there are gorgeous units there quite comparable to mine and not even a lot more expensive -- plus they are actual old units, not newly built like mine. As such they have *real* wood floors, beautiful marble fireplaces, built-in bookcases, and OMG one of the best features, outdoor iron balconies big enough to use, plus insulated windows that open! The building has a great location as well, right across the from Fox Theater, a block from North Avenue MARTA station, a block from my favorite restaurant, a few blocks from a big supermarket.

Anyway, indulging in the fantasy of moving, I looked up what units are for sale and out of the half-dozen for sale, came up with two I love, one of which is realistic price-wise (similar to my present), one of which is not, unless I find myself a rich husband ;) (When you click on link, mouse-over the spots on the picture to change the pictures.)

Lovely 1 BR 1 BA, just my style

Drool-worthy 2 BR completely out of my price range

I wish The Ponce was downtown and that it was easy to sell units in my present building. As it is, given the market, lack of parking garage, etc., I would expect it would take at least a year to sell my unit. Let's hope I never need to move in a hurry!
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