April 20th, 2005

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Interview cancelled


So last night I cleaned up my house, this morning I spent time getting dressed nice, so I'm all ready for my "close-up," and then the reporter calls to say she got food poisoning, is sick, and won't be able to come out today at 10 after all. She'll come Friday.

Oh, well, more time to think about my outfit....

Meanwhile I will now go for my allergy shot and try and be very productive today. Yee-ha!
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Caleb not Caleb

So last night I was sleeping but then woke up from some kind of nightmare.

Then the phone rang.

I knew it was the middle of the night, so I was prepared for something unusual. When I picked up the phone and a man answered saying "Hello," I figured it was Caleb, who's been quite distressed the past day or so and, who knows, maybe was having a panic attack. It sounded like it could be him. But no.

Here is the conversation, or a close appoximation:

Presumedly Caleb: Hello.
Wendy: Hi.
Presumedly Caleb: Are you awake?
Wendy: Um.. yeah.
Presumedly Caleb: ...
Wendy: So...
Presumedly Caleb: Were you asleep?
Wendy: Er, well, I was having a nightmare.
Presumedly Caleb: ...
Wendy: Well, what time is it anyway?
Presumedly Caleb: I don't... wait...
Wendy: ...
Presumedly Caleb: ...
Wendy: ...
Presumedly Caleb: ...
Wendy: Um...
Presumedly Caleb: So are you in bed?
Wendy: Well, yeah, I was asleep, but now you woke me up in the middle of the night!
Presumedly Caleb: ...
Wendy: ...
Presumedly Caleb: ...
Wendy: Look, what the hell!
Presumedly Caleb: ...
Wendy: ...
Presumedly Caleb: ...
Wendy: Wait, who IS this?
Presumedly Caleb: ...............
Wendy: Who is this?
Presumedly Caleb: ...
Wendy: Oh, I get it! FUCK YOU, YOU ASSHOLE! Fuck you! [Slams down phone.]

When I checked the clock finally, it was 2:30 a.m. And all along I thought (in my groggy state) that Caleb had called me for help and/or was playing a mind game on me. It took me an hour to fall asleep again.

Needless to say, it wasn't Caleb.
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Hail the Stain!

I think this tops or at least equals the "holy grilled cheese" that was on eBay and is funnier than that office building with the mark on its windows:

Some see Virgin Mary in underpass stain

Yes, God as a strange sense of humor.

I think it would be awesome if I found a big mark (on an underpass, a window, a cheese sandwich) that looked like, I don't know, maybe Marlene Dietrich? Or maybe Dubya, only with big devil's horns? I would gather the faithful and sell souvenir keychains!
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Spring in Atlanta

So it's still April but it's 80 degrees out. And so bright out that it's really hard for me to read. As Winnie the Pooh says, Oh Bother!

Meanwhile the pollen count is 1,020, which for Atlanta is actually low. Fortunately none of the stuff in the air is bothering me at all. It's only the air inside my house that drives me nuts.
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Small scale drama

My pigs are great entertainment, especially if you're like me and are easily entertained by small, silly things like:

I just ate a banana, so I threw the peel into the cage. YinYang likes to eat peels. So in it goes and over runs YinYang. She starts munching on it. Meanwhile Abbie, hearing sounds of food, pops out of the box she's been hiding in so she can see what's up. She creeps behind YinYang and only has a peek because YinYang turns and snaps at her ("Mine! Mine! The peel is mine!") Abbie goes back in the box and YinYang begins chowing down again on banana peel.

This is when it gets funny.

YinYang is so absorbed in her eating that she doesn't notice when Abbie slowly emerges from the box and quietly sneaks up behind and just to the right of her. She doesn't see Abbie getting this crafty look in her eyes while simultaneously sniffing and puckering her little pink mouth. So when YinYang backs away from the peel just slightly to chew for a while, she is completely surprised by Abbie, who darts in, snags the peel and hauls it back in a flash, into the box, where YinYang can't have it.

YinYang is still standing outside the box looking befuddled.
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Swedish PM is the cheesiest

Obviously a slow news day at BBC:

Cheese relief for stressed Swede

Cheese-lovers of the world unite, I guess!

I used to eat cheese a lot, but the the moment it's verboten. I can eat a certain number of dairy servings a day but a litle lobe of cheese would use them all up, just for being real cheese and not low-fat. My favorite cheese are all the soft stinky ones that are high in fat. If all works out and I do get to my goal weight by the time I go to Italy, I am definitely not holding back from lots of cheese sampling over there!
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Dad Update


Just got this email from my mom. Actually she sent it at like 7 or 8 tonight.

Just a quick note to let you all know that Dad is being admitted back
into Lawrence Hospital tonight. It seems he has an infection
somewhere. He has a high white count and a very low potassium count.
People with renal failure always have a very high potassium count.

Well, the good thing about this is that they caught it, which they did b/c my dad has to do readings round the clock of stuff like this, plus I think a nurse comes by once a day.