April 21st, 2005

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Well, news!

So they finally found someone to fill my position here at GTRI. But did they tell me? Nooooo, I find out from overhearing Tonette on the phone. I have to train him, probably starting next week, but do they tell me? So I could maybe be more prepare? Do they tell me? Nooooo.

Hopefully he doesn't start 'til mid-week next week so I can use Tuesday to come up with the plan for ALL I have to teach/tell this guy. I don't envy him at all and feel pity for myself.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Furry creatures

Boy, I'm feeling needy today. First I moan about being all lonely and stuff, then I go and ooh-and-ah over Petfinder. I want a kitty and a doggy and more pigs! Wahhhhh! Not possible. When I get a bigger place (with windows that open), which I know will happen some day, I predict among my first actions will be figuring out how much more room I have for animals. Also, if I have a yard or at least double the square footage, I'll get a dog. I'd have a cat now except for the fact a cat would have to be dead to not go beserk over my present zoo. Birds and rodents in the open: Not a good thing to have around a cat. Too bad, because this one is gorgeous. I have such a soft heart for animals.