April 22nd, 2005

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24 Hour Lighting

One cool thing about my house: Except in the bathroom, I never ever have to turn out the lights during daylight hours. In fact, with the huge windows, it's so bright in here that if you turn on a light, you can't even tell it's on!

It's nowhere near dark at night either, even though I have blinds. The city is just SO bright out -- like if you go outside at night, you could stand on the stretcorner doing needlepoint, no problem. Anyway, I will never have the "Oh no, what was that, I can't see!" problem here, since I can see everything. The only way I can see glow-in-the-dark stuff in my house is if I go in the bathroom and shut the door, because otherwise it's never dark. Some people would list that as a downside, but it really doesn't bother me, even though I suspect it keeps me from sleeping as well as I might. When I first moved in here, I slept without any blinds for a year or so.
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Interview by atomicdave

Interview by atomicdave:

1) What writer influences you most?

That's really hard to say. However, I will go with the obvious and say that Storm Constantine influences my writing, though not the style so much as the attitude. What I like so much about Storm, as well as Octavia Butler and some other favorite writers, is the willingness to dive into all sorts of "taboo," "uncomfortable," "controversial" areas without any sort of self-consciousness. I don't like it when writers are wishy-washy, going "half way" in exploring something, when in fact it would be a lot better if they got dirty and really took it on. I aspire to be similarly forthright -- half measures are not for me.

2) Where *did* you get such a great fashion sense?

I don't really have any idea, because honestly I was a fashion DISASTER 'til I was out of high school. "Fashion" couldn't even be applied to me, I was such a rotten dresser. But then when I got to college, I almost immediately started dressing differently. I think a lot of it was the simple fact I was buying my own clothes and not relying on my mom and sisters to get me stuff. This brought out my *own* taste, which seems to involve a lot of stage drama. I think inspiration-wise, I go back to Classic film star fashion and on the other side, prostitutes and drag queens. European fashion is also something I latch on to, like wearing fishnets of solids or wearing skirts inside out. But as to where I got my fashion sense? I don't know. Inborn?

3) I know you want to live in upstate New York at some point... my question is why.

After all this time in Atlanta, I still want to go back to Yankee-land :) Specifically I would like to move to Albany, NY. To many people this sounds like a really obscure choice, but Albany has a lot going for it: 1) incredible architecture, like you would not *believe* for a medium-size city, 2) cheap beautiful real estate, 3) good arts scene, 4) good job market, 5) proximity to my relatives, 6) hourly trains running to NYC, 7) it's in the Northeast and thus close to lots of places I mix. The cost of living, aside from heating costs, is also very good. And they have a bus system.

4) When you do eat meat, what is your favorite kind?

Tie between rare roast beef w/gravy and corned beef w/mustard sauce.

5) What is your favorite color and why?

Black, because it's black.

If I had to pick a "real" color, indigo / midnight blue / violet is a favorite. Like blue glass. I think it reminds me of the night sky in the wildness.

Meme Rules
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions

P.S. That I'm doing this meme amuses me, since the CL reporting will be here in 10 minutes...
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Friday Five

I don't know where versailles_rose got this one, but I miss the Friday Five, so...

1. How many locations (dwellings) have you lived in?

Not counting dorm rooms, only 4.

In Chronological Order:
House in Andover, Massachusetts
4-5 dorm rooms at UMass Amherst (Amherst, MA)
dorm room at NYU (NYC, NY)
dorm room at UGA (Athens, GA)
apt. in Atlanta (Reynoldstown neighborhood)
condo. in Atlanta (Downtown)
condo. in Atlanta (Downtown)

2. If you could place your dream home in any location, where would it be?

I'd like a townhouse in the East Village, thank you.

3. In terms of the act of moving: are you a packer or a box mover?

Hrmmmm. I'd definitely rather pack than move a box, but I'm not back at moving either.

4. What one item do you own that you absolutely hate to move?

Two: My antique desk (which had to be dis-assembled to get through the door) and my antique armoire (which barely survived the move here).

5. What's worse: the act of moving or a routine cleaning at the dentist?

Moving. God, even moving ONE BLOCK sucked!
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Friday musings

OMG, I just witnessed the most extreme weather change I've ever seen!

All morning it was delightfully sunny and nice out; when the reporter came over at 11, she remarked several times on how bright and fully of light my place is. At 12:30 it was still sunny and beautiful. The weekly Lunch of Broad event was on outside my building, so every restaurant had tables out on the streets and sidewalk, throngs of people were walking around, eating, enjoying the live reggae band, etc. I walked around myself, then went to Fleurs de Lis for lunch (lentil soup and "melanger" sald, mmmmm!)

Around 1:10 I went to Murrell's restaurant, to check in with the owner, who's a client of mine. He was outside and told me to step in. I waited 5 minutes, then went out to get him. At this point it was still sunny and nice. We went inside for less than five minutes to discuss a change to the menu... and when I turned to go out it was NIGHT outside and newspapers, trash and constrution debris were flying around, people were *running* for cover, and rain was beginning to fall. "It's the Apocalypse!" I exclaimed. Since I was only a block from home, I managed to get back home w/o getting wet. It is now pouring sheets of rain against my window and it looks more like twilight than early afternoon.


In other goings on...

The Creative Loafing interview this morning went very well. I liked the reporter and she had a lot of good questions. There will be a 500-600 word real estate feature article on me, my unit and my bulding, running in mid-July, along with some photos. A photographer is going to come by next week, which is nice although that does mean I have to keep the place spotless until then.

I have felt mildly depressed all week but so far it hasn't been bad enough to keep me from working and there haven't been any crying fits.

I've been following a good healthy eating regimen for a month now. I think it's made me feel a lot better! My scale says I haven't lost much weight (maybe 2-3 lbs.) but I sort of think my scale is broken. I'm tempted to see if I can fit into any of my pants, but I wanted to lose 10 lbs before trying. I guess I'll see what the doctor's scale says when I go in next month to the new doctor. I probably need to start exercising...


I have been so tired this week. For some reason, I find myself getting tired by 11 (normally my most "up" hour) and then going to bed around midnight. For various reasons I've had to get up early every day, at either 7:30 or 8, but even so, I'm getting more sleep than usual. So why do I feel like espresso would be *really* good about now? I'm falling asleep at 3 in the afternoon!

P.S. Funnily enough, the CD I'm listening to is going "Let's get unconscious..."
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So that's where my productivity went!

Well, that's it, they should legalize pot and criminalize Blackberries!

CNN reports:
E-mails 'hurt IQ more than pot'

How much I despise Blackberry people who're writing and receiving emails all the way through meetings or while they're talking to you. Makes me want to put on headphones and listen to Einstuenzende Neubaten when/if they deign to actually be "present." When they say, "Hey, you're not paying attention!" then I coudl go, "Oh, but this music is really important! I'll email you about this later, or maybe you can loan me your Blackberry now?"
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