April 23rd, 2005

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Yay for cleaner, fresher air

Got my new air purifier yesterday and I'm loving it. I put it in my bedroom and within a couple of hours, it was like I had "outside air" in there -- fresh and no longer stale. I kept it in there all night and while my nose still ended up kind of stuffy in the morning, the air did feel all fresh. Since the bedroom is going to stink of paint later (I'm doing the bathroom adjacent) I've moved the purifier into my officer. It's only been set up about 20 minutes but already it's like the room has taken a big breath! This room is small, furthest from the outside door ("outside" meaning hallway) and often pretty dusty, so this little machine is working wonders. I'm going to test it out a few more days, but I'm already leaning towards getting one or two more of these things. National Allergy is having a sale.