April 24th, 2005

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The ever-quotable Noel Coward says...

OK, totally going away from the woeful post prior, two quotes from Noel Coward that CRACK ME UP!

On death:
"The only thing that really saddens me over my demise is that I shall not be here to read the nonsense that will be written about me and my works and my motives. There will be books proving conclusively that I was homosexual and books proving equally conclusively that I was not. There will be detailed and inaccurate analyses of my motives for writing this or that and of my character. There will be lists of apocryphal jokes I never made and gleeful misquotations of words I never said. What a pity I shan't be here to enjoy them!"

On lunching with Queen Elizabeth II:
"It was all very merry and agreeable, but there is always, for me, a tiny pall of "best behaviour" overlaying the proceedings. I am not complaining about this, I think it is right and proper, but I am constantly aware of it. It isn't that I have a basic urge to tell disgusting jokes and say "f**k" every five minutes, but I'm conscious of a faint resentment that I couldn't if I wanted to."

Tee hee!
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Art on the way

Contuining my quest to do some redecorating, I just ordered three posters/prints! First I got two Tamara de Lempicka posters ("Portrait De Madame Allan Bott" and "The Green Turban"), which are soooooo me and will go in the living room and office, though I'm not sure which will go where. I'll have to frame them and figure it out from there. The third purchase was a print of Escher's "House of Stairs," the less familiar version with the weird worms, not people. I was looking for a vertically oriented print to put in this spot by the piano and that fits the bill big time. Recently there was an Escher gallery show over in Castleberry and it reminded me how much I admire his work, so I thought that print would be appropriate.

*rubs hands together in anticipation of delivery!*

I was reviewing the placement of these prints and decided there are a couple more spots where I'd really like to put some art, so I went back to AllPosters.com and thinking on what I really like and what fits my home, I picked up Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase" and for added nudity, Piccasso's "Deux Femmes Nues et Tete de Femme," which is blue and has two lovely naked women in it :) I think the naked women are going in the bedroom, since I'll be painting that room a dark blue shortly. The Duchamp may go here in the office.
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Head = Ouch

This headache is really bad. As it often is, it's at the front of my head, like a big horseshoe following my hairline, one that's pushing in and crushing my brain. I feel nauseous and dizzy, kind of like I'm floating. I thought it was b/c I hadn't eaten enough today but I ate and still feel this way. Took aspirin too but oddly, it's had no impact whatsoever. I definitely am going to bring up these repeating headaches with my new doctor, esp. since they almost always are accompanied by depression. I don't think it's a migraine b/c it's not on one side of my head, but all over.

I've been working on the bathroom all day, cleaning it up for over 3 hours, and although that's not making my head feel better (esp. since I'm using household cleaners), if I don't finish the work I'll feel worse.