April 25th, 2005

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5 *good* things

Now on to some POSITIVE things!

1. Finished bathroom and it looks good after all. I took pictures, which I will post later.

2. My headache went away around 6. I'm not sure why or how, but the depression and fatigue went away with it. It's like I suddenly got better after some nasty illness.

3. I got some very nice earrings yesterday at the festival yesterday.

4. I found someplace that sells cheap, quality poster frames online, which is good since I need 3 for the 3 poster size prints I ordered today.

5. My air purifier is working great. As soon as Caleb and Daniel came over today, they commented on how my place "no longer stinks" and the air is all fresh. I really like the change!

6. Received a whole mess of wonderful Wraeththu fan art in email today. The artist was modest (like most good artists) but I was super impressed. The whole lot will appear in the Spring issue of Inception.
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Slightly haunted office

So that I have a record:

I'm becoming more and more convinced this office is haunted. Just now there was this burst of cold air that swooshed under my legs while I'm here at my desk. Now we all know my windows don't open, I don't have a door open to the street, I don't have a fan and I'm ALONE, so where did this air come from?????

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Good Stuff Cheap

A recent post by marchenland about bargain shopping recalled one of my favorite shopping venues growing up -- Building 19! I remember I used to get SO excited any time Mom said we were going to a Building 19 because that store was so cheap that for once, I knew there was a chance she'd actually buy me something. In fact, it was cheap that *I* would by stuff for myself, like weird discontinued toys or birthday presents in the $1-2 range.

Anyway, they have a web site that gives a good feel for what they are about. In fact, their famous ad circulars are online, along with a selection of classic ads. Have to say, their ads have to been seen to be believed. Trust me on this.

Here in Georgia there's Big Lots, but it's really not the same at all. I mean, Building 19 sold oriental carpets, skis, hotel furniture, whatEVER they could get their hands on and sell cheap. I almost want to go visit one now...
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Damn hospital

I swear the hospital is going to kill my dad. I don't know if I mentioned it here yet, but Dad has been back in the hopsital again, this time with an infection, C. Diff, which is apparently nasty stuff. If that wasn't bad enough, he had really low potassium. So today they put him on intravenous potassium and there was potassium in his GI tube feeding him. They shut off the interavenous when he got enough but didn't shut off the GI so OK, his potassium is very high, which puts him at high risk for a heart attack :( He's in the Critical Care Unit. He's being closely monitored and given drugs or something to reduce the potassium. No doubt the drug will make him sick some other way. Last time he was in the hospital they cut a vein doing some GI tube thing and he nearly bled to death.
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Night out on my own

So today I did something NEW!

*shock wonder*

He he. Actually the main thing I did was decide to go off somewhere on my own here in Atlanta for something other than shopping, eating or doing a business deal. It just doesn't happen normally!

Anyway, went to a new writer's group or I should say, one I hadn't been to before. It's the Women's Writing Group at Charis Books in Little Five Points. I'm webmaster for Charis Circle, the non-profit that runs all Charis Books' programming, but I've only ever been to a few of their events. However, my recent thoughts on being single for eternity, being lonely in general and also relying too much on the boys for social stuff got me thinking that I should find a way to get out more -- and since I'm the webmaster for Charis, I certainly knew where some events were at!

The group was way better than I expected it to be, although as I predicted, it was very different from the Outworlders one, which I've participated in for 2-3 years now. The turnout was impressive -- 13 women, from all different backgrounds, about even black/white split -- and what also impressed me was the writing people shared. We had a "warm-up" exercise where we all were shown a quote and had to write for 20 minutes and when everybody came back and read out what they did (optional, though almost everybody did), the quality of people's writing was really impressive... like, yes, they really can write, it's not people who thinking that because they can hold a pen they're a writer. After the warm-up was over we had a few people read pieces they'd brought with them. This woman Emmy had a chapter from a book she's doing and I have to say, it was very well realized stuff. Another woman shared a meditational piece she'd written and this elderly Jewish lady ready a wonderful, wonderful prose poem about backpacking on Cumberland Island.

Also on the positive side of things, since I was going to Charis anyway, I brought about a dozen books over to donate to their upcoming Used Book Sale. I gave the books to Linda Bryant, the head of Charis Circle, who's exchanged lots of emails from me but never met me. She was thrilled to meet me. Linda also helped me out by telling me who I needed to give copies of Breeding Discontent to. I have 4 copies of it Charis told me ages ago they'd like me sell on consignment, but I just never brought them to the store! I hope I get some local readers maybe? The store already stocks Storm, as they have quite a decent-sized SF/F section considering they're a small independent feminist bookstore (think Madwimmin's Books like in "Dykes to Watch Out For.")

So all in all, I good time and I'll again next month. I think I'll actually make even more a night of it, going to dinner beforehand and maybe going to Sevanda afterward for natural foods.
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Okra and Tomatoes

Lately Luke, the local greengrocer, has had okra on offer and boy do I appreciate it. I *love* okra and tomatoes! So much so that even though I'm not a Southerner and the recipe I do isn't "authentic" (except "authentically Yankee Wendy") I'm posting it.

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It only takes about 30 minutes, is super easy and good for you (garlic, tomatoes, no fat, can be made low salt, etc.)
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My New "Master" Bath

Whoo hoo! It's done!

Teaser pic of das Badezimmer

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BTW, sorry the quality of the pictures isn't up to par, but I discovered afterward that somebody (*cough* Caleb) had switch my camera settings down to low-res :( Which also explains why some of my NYC pictures were so damn pixilated! I switch it back to Fine so hopefully things will be better.