April 27th, 2005

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Blair and all that

So I've been watching ITV News, BBC News and other news articles on the upcoming British elections (example here) and it seems like everybody is saying no party or person is going to be able to knock Tony Blair down as PM. I think I'm as baffled by this as the British were by the election of Bush, because he's been PM for 10 years now and I have NEVER met any British person who likes him. So I'm thinking, is it that the alternatives really just don't do it, aren't well developed enough to stand a chance, or are there people who actually like Tony Blair? Personally, every time I hear him speak, I think of a computer game my friend Rob once sent me, where you could operate a Tony Blair marionette, which would sputter catchy NewSpeak that somehow formed speeches.
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Dad Update

So Dad is doing a lot better. Things turned yesterday, with his potassium down, infection under control, no longer so worried about his foot. I called the hospital and talked to him for around 15 minutes. He sounded cheerful and optimistic. They should be letting him go home in a couple of days.

Meanwhile talked to my mom and it looks like for Memorial Day I'm flying to Boston, not Newark, since the whole Memorial Day family get-together may be in Andover. I mean, Dad stuck in a car for 4+ hours? Uh uh. Even if the thing does happen in NJ, I can just go down there with my parents.

Then today my mom emails me with Subject line "Help!" asking if I can get Dad some denture toothbrushes. He loves those things but for some reason my mom can't find them. Dad needs a new brush since all the stuff at home has been "contaminated" by his infection and she's supposed to throw it out. I can get them at the CVS here easy, so I'm not sure what's up with the CVS in Andover. Anyway, within 5 minutes of my mom's email, I'd gone to CVS.com, ordered 2 toothbrushes, plus a new shaving brush and soap (which Dad actually *likes*), and had them sent to Andover. I may be lousy about calling and visiting, but I can send speedy deliveries.
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I enjoy fiscal stability

My planning/architecture client in Maryland has had me do two sites, both of them easy to build and minimal maintenance, yet both of them worth $1000-1500 each. Well, today they sent me another one and were just like "Clone the other site, put this info on it, and we'll send you a check." They have two more they're sending me this month, same deal.

There is really nothing better than projects which are straightforward and yet actually pay.

It's 3 p.m. and I have just finished the whole site. I started at 1. Client has already OK'd it and I've emailed the invoice. That was easy! I kind of think I should go to the park or something now...
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Is it Spring?

I don't know if I just decided to be different or what, but this guy I keep seeing downstairs just asked me to lunch and said OK. Hyper-uber atyptical of me. I really just couldn't come up with any reason to say no and it made me think, is there really a reason to say no?

Meanwhile another "beau" of mine, Fevzi the Turkish falafel shop owner, just hit on me again -- and gave me a free bowl of lentil soup in the bargain. Fevzi better not find out about this other guy.

I don't know WHAT I've gotten myself into... Even a lunch date is like unprecented hot stuff action for me.

And what else is weird? I had a dream last night about meeting this cute boy who at first I think is ordinary and try to resist, but then I realize he's AMAZING and we fell in love. He kept flirting with me in the dream and started kissing me I was like, "Hmm, I don't hate this as much as I usually do..." (People coming on to me, not kissing or boys... those are both cool.)
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Things going right

So! Upon the very good advice of tharain, I took my piggies out to the park again. This time I forgot to bring their little "corrall" so I just set them down. They were good and didn't run away. Actually they stayed within a foot of the carrier, following some kind of piggy instinct. They ate a lot of clover and some stray wheat that was growing there too. They got a little exercise even, since YinYang kept running around the carrier trying to find how to get in and so Abbie had to chase her. Very cute :)

Afterward I got a reminder email from my favorite flower seller, Flowerbud, and it prompted me to get my mom some flowers for Mother's Day. I think I've ordered 3-4 bouqets for her from this one company and she always goes nuts over them. Isn't this so pretty?

White irises and yellow tulips. I've splurged and ordered some of their bouquets for myself (as opposed to the usual $3 ones from Publix) and they are NICE! They come in bud form so they're super fresh, and then when they open the flowers last a week or even two weeks. Last fall I ordered Mom & Dad a eucalyptus wreath and Mom liked it so much she still has it hanging on the living room wall

Yay. So I'm in a good mood. Especially since I was checking my checking online and found out Ga Tech paid me last Friday. I was like "Hey, why is my balance that high?" because I never remember when "every two weeks" is. So a nice surprise.
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I'll be seeing Logan next month

Got my tickets to visit the parents & family over Memorial Day. Due to the whole holiday travel thing, the ticket was more expensive than usual (and using my free flight was really impossible) but I figure HELLO! if anybody needs to pay a penance for not visiting home in too long, it's me :) Mom & Dad are excited. I'm flying in on the Friday and leaving Tuesday. Depending on what happens, I'll either stay in Andover or go down to my sister Carolyn's in New Jersey with my parents. Personally, I'd prefer to stay in Andover and I think my dad would too, since a 4+ hour car ride sounds like it would be awful for him. In any case, got the tickets!

P.S. I wonder if construction at Logan is over. I doubt it. That airport has been under heavy contruction since at least 1997, when I moved to Atlanta. Every time I'm there, it's totally different.
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So Bush's "energy initiatives" announced today? Translation: "We Americans have a huge need for energy -- no, make that a RIGHT -- so rather than actually address any issues of energy consumption and our habits as a nation, I've got places for get us MORE energy." Kind of like saying "Gotta stop gambling, out of cash -- no, wait, I think there's some change in the crack in the sofa! Hey, and I don't think my grandmother will notice if I 'borrow' some cash out of her dresser drawer..."