April 28th, 2005

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This is why I need a nutritionist

I think a good reason for me to start going to a nutritionist, besides the whole help with diet thing, is just so I can access a scale that actually works!

I've had 3 scales since living in Atlanta and every single one has been crap! They start out normal but then over time they start being totally flakey, to the point you can't ever trust what they say, as it could be 5-15 lbs off.

My current scale is about 6 pounds under. So if I go to the doctor and it says 206 (not theoretical, BTW), my home scale will say 200. This happened 2-3 times so I just started doing math in my head. However, lately the damn thing has been soooo flakey! Yesterday morning it said 195 --> 201. Then last night it said 200 --> 206. Then today at 8:30 it said 193 --> 199! Then at 9:30 it said 200 --> 206 again! Granted not all reading were doing with clothes on, but I don't think my clothes (slip dress and shoes) weight 5 lbs.

Because of this, I really can't tell if I've lost weight or not. I still only have one pair of pants that really fit, but that's kind of meaningless since all my pants are really tight. At least those jeans DO fit -- when I started this diet, they didn't. So don't know. Next week is my appt. with the new doctor and hopefully his scale will tell me good news?
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Vegetarian Ramble

So I think I've been a vegetarian for a month now. This isn't a first or anything for me, just the first time in several years I've actually been strict about it. (I pretty much saw that documentary on the chicken industry and all my previous reasons for being a vegetarian popped into place and vowed to quit.) So while I've been eating fish, shrimp, etc. -- even upping my consumption, per my general diet change -- I haven't had any beef, pork, chicken, lamb, sausage, etc. In fact, today I had to get through a bunch of people promoting "The Othe White Meat" and after the third or fourth one tried to get me to go and try a sample or take a T-shirt, I finally said I was a vegetarian, which worked better than OFF! spray. He he.

Anyway, I feel good about doing this and I also feel good period. There are only a couple of downsides to swearing off meat so it's not a big deal. Some people get really frustrated that they "can't eat anything" but after many years of cooking all-vegetarian at home, I really don't have any trouble coming up with food to eat. Grocery shopping is a lot cheaper too; last time I bought meat at a grocery store, to cook while my parents were visiting, I was shocked by the prices on it. But if you avoid meat and processed foods, grocery shopping is a lot more affordable.

I probably won't be eating any meat again until I visit family or Europe.
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Mo mo moa

I love birds. I like the cute ones, but I also have a big thing for the big ugly ones that look like dinosaurs. Ostriches aren't my favorite though... what I love are rheas. But even more than that, the moa -- extinct since the 1600s.

Look at that bird! It has no wings! They've found skeletons of those things and I kid you not, the females were like 16 ft. tall! Ummmmmm.... gah! That IS a dinosaur!

Man, randomness...
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Poll Results

So the results of my "Can you...?" survey seem to be in and I learned some stuff. For example, NOBODY can ride a unicycle, everybody can curl their tongue, and a lot fewer people can ski than I thought.

I guess growing up someplace cold and snowy warped my opinions on that. Growing up I was considered weird because I did cross-country skiing instead of downhill. *Everybody* (well, the rich kids, which was like 75%) did the downhill skiing thing, in NH, VT or even out West or in Europe (did I mention, these were rich kids?) Downhill skiing scares me as a concept. One time our church youth group arranged to go to a ski mountain in New Hampshire. Most of them went on the downhill slopes, which was expensive, but my dad took me and 2-3 others on the cross-country trails, which were only like $5/person! That was proabably my favorite skiing ever, as I found a huge hill with a very narrow trail bounded by trees -- equivalent to Black Diamond for cross-country -- and managed to go down it 2-3 times without wiping out. Going downhill on long, skinny wooden skis isn't easy!

Other survey stuf... I'm glad so many can sew and bake bread. I can't do either (though I can make pretzels and pizza crust), but knowing others can gives me some hope for humanity. 8 of you said you can ride a horse. I've only ridden once and the horse seemed to respond to me very well; it was great but the opportunity hasn't come up again. And everybody can deliberately cross their eyes? I can't do that, unless I put my finger between my eyes maybe. I can't wink either.