April 29th, 2005

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Rejected by mock_the_stupid, but...

...I still think it's worth sharing.


Back when I first joined this community, I posted about mock-worthy comments about MARTA and public transportion here in Atlanta. Well, today I'd like to post about mock-worth comments by MARTA riders, in particular those who are very mentally challenged by the "complicated" train and bus system.

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And no cut here, b/c it's short:

Mock #3
One last short mock comes from yesterday. I was riding on a bus and there were a few high school students on it. They were all new riders and were complaining about the buses and how hard they were to figure it out.

Student 1: Yeah, these buses are weird.

Student 2: I've had some trouble.

Student 1: Like some come every like 20 minutes, and some come like every 35, and some come like every hour and a half.

Student 2: I hate that. You never know when it's going to come. Why can't they all come at the same interval?

Student 1: For real!

Apparently the concept of bus schedules (let alone how buses are scheduled according to demand, length of route, traffic, etc.) has never occured to these two.
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I love online shopping

Well, that Subject line is a no-brainer for me in general, but this week I'm really feeling the Internet shopping love. Not only was I able to get 5 *fabulous* high quality art prints from this company, but I was just now able to order 8 *custom* frames for these prints (and 3 more) from this company! I was *dreading* the prospect of finding frames, having to get mattes done to compensate for the odd size of the prints, having to get protective covers or glass and then how much it was all going to *cost*. Having a large poster framed in a shop costs at least 100 bucks. Even if you do it yourself, most of the frames I've found that size online are $100 or more. The 24x40 frame I just got -- with the foamcore, cover, hardwear -- was only $45 and I don't need to do anything except assemble it and pop in the poster. (Wish I knew about this before I spent $100+/each for the frames on my Babes in Bagdad and Wings of Desire posters!)

Meanwhile I'm hoping the order arrived in time for May 15 (Tour of Lofts, where I show off my home) but I think it's a safe bet it will. This company's service has already impressed me; I was having trouble with the shopping cart not showing my order, so I emailed in and got a reply within a couple of minutes saying to try again because their system was being worked on but should be up again. I tried again and it did work. I'm so excited about hanging stuff...