April 30th, 2005


Saturday in the Country

Today Caleb and I went to the country! Well, not really, but downtown Norcross is very country comparatively and it was easy to pretend we were in some small town a lot further away from Atlanta. We had a very nice afternoon.

We met up around 11 and took the train up to Doraville. Due to MARTA's incredibly suck weekend service, we just barely made the 11:43 Gwinnett County Transit bus we want to catch out there, but we did make it. (FYI, transfer is free onto GCT from MARTA and you only have to pay to get back, $1.75.) Once again, I found that GCT bus drivers are much friendlier towards riders and much more informed than MARTA drivers. The bus zipped up Buford Highway and after 15 minutes we were at our stop.

As Caleb had told me, based on some visits he made for work, downtown Norcross is very nice. Using the Liviable Center Initiative as a basis for streetscape upgrades, plus banding together as a community, residents there have created a very likable small downtown with a surprisingly large selection of shops, including a big English pub, several other restaurants, a bakery, a pet gift shop, a coffeeshop, several antique shops and -- my favorite -- Taste of Britain, which specializes in imported British foods as well as merchandise like tea sets.

There's a whole English population up around there, which is obvious when you go into various shops and it starts reminding you of England really bad. We went to the pub first off and had very good fish & chips, complete with malt vinegar. After that we went into a lot of different shops. At Taste of Britan I got: pickled sweet onions, instant banana pudding mix, canned watercress soup, loose Typhoo tea, canned rhubarb and a Macaroon bar. We also went into some antique shops, a bakery, and finally enjoyed coffee and strawberry shortcake at an independent coffeehouse that gave off what Caleb called "Brattleboro [Vermont] vibes."

After chilling out in the coffeeshop for a while, we walked back to Buford Highway and took the bus back. The bus runs pretty often for a suburban bus on a Saturday, which is good since there are tons of Latinos in that area who use the bus as their main means of transportation. I'm happy b/c now I know how to get up there on my own and buy English speciality foods and tea sets :)

On the way back, the train was once again crap (single-tracking, with lots of start-stop action, obnoxious man talking to himself, etc.) and I started to get that same thing I got two weeks ago when I had to forgoe the Outworlders picnic. Got nauseous, mood swung low, and by the time I was home I had a headache. I don't know what it is about afternoons that makes me feel so wretched!

Anyway, I'm now listening to the Smiths and thinking I should do a "cleaning run." While I'm at it, I'm collecting a big bag of stuff to donate to charity, like extra clothes and things I have around that are just clutter. Hopefully I can overcome my mood and get stuff done.
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Been home an hour and I have to say, this whole sad/nauseuos/headachey thing sucks. :>(

Going to fix myself some toast and tea and see if it helps any.