May 1st, 2005

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I worship at the church* of Art Deco

Well, there's little doubt that Art Deco is one of my favorite styles -- for art, furniture, architecture, and anything else that involves the visual. I like it not only for the comfort and nostalgia, the way it brings to mind my grandmother, Classic movie, a particular era in history, but for its emphasis on geometry and pattern. Then there's the way Art Deco offered stylized versions of Ancient or Native American artwork, like Egyptian and Mayan. It just DOES it for me.

* Look an actual Art Deco church
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Not what I expected

So I just clicked on an old Bookmark of mine, for "domradio," the live broadcast stream from Cologne Cathdral. Normally it's religious programming or Classical/choral concerts. So I click on it thinking it's Sunday, I'll get something nice. Now imagine my surprise when I click the listen button and get Elvis doing "That's Alright, Mama"! Now it's playing the Beatles' "Fool on the Hill." Now I like both these songs, but why is an Oldies station showing up as the radio stream for a Catholic cathedral? I must listen more closely... Yikes! Now there was just an announcer on talking about the story of a bird and how it might fly higher if it had everlasting life. (This was in German but I'm pretty sure that's what was said.) And now there's happy generic Musak playing. Ut oh!

Been listenig for an hour, still not sure what this station is, beyond RANDOM. Now it's playing "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" or whatever the title is. Ugh! Make it stop! (Yes, and it WILL stop soon.)
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Runaway bride story makes me think...

So the next time I feel like I need "time alone," should I tell Caleb I'm taking a walk on South Peachtree... and just not tell him I'm walking to the Greyhound station so I can take the next bus to Chicago or maybe Portland? LOL. What an uproar it would cause!

Man, people are so irrational sometimes.
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Face Doodling

I was procrastinating on some editing work and feeling bored last night and it led to this:

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Gotta say, while the execution last night was rough, I like that look and want to try it out somewhere. I think the symbols are OK but random numbers would be good too. I'll just have to either learn to draw them on backwards in the mirror or have somebody draw them on for me.

P.S. Possible new LJ icon?