May 3rd, 2005

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Training the new guy. Ugh. Not only is it tedious, but he doesn't talk much. Nothing like talking for hours on end w/o even know if he's taking it in properly. I only talked for 1 1/2 hours so far but I'm hoarse.
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Achey achey

Ug. I am so sore. Not in that I've-exercised-and-this-proves-it way, but in the why-is-my-body-falling-apart? way. My hands are particularly bad. They've been a problem for months; I thought it was from sleeping with them twisted, but now I'm worried it's a repetetitive stress injury. My feet, ankles and shins feel like somebody hit me with a tire iron or something. At least the headache I was developing went away with aspirin, but I still feel awfully creeky.
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The Old Man and the Sea

Wikipedia has The Old Man and the Sea featured on its home page and after reading the entry just now, I'm thinking back to fifth grade, when my teacher Mr. Skladany read the whole thing out loud to my Language Arts class. He was a really good reader, doing all the voices; it was funny when he'd do the gruff old man, with the Cuban accent no less, and then the higher voice of his boy helper.

Mr. Skladany was one of my favorite teachers in elementary school, because he put a lot of emphasis on writing, especially on descriptive writing and how to make a nice flow in a sentence. Another reason I liked him -- and this was usually the case with the male teachers -- is that he didn't screech at me and act like I was the devil. I always felt like the male teachers encouraged me to be "spunky" and "different," or were more accepting, whereas the female teachers just wanted me to conform and shut up.
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