May 4th, 2005

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German Grissecon Program

I just got the program for the "Grissecon" mini-con at Feencon this summer in Germany and I'm very excited. Click here to see what we'll all be getting up to. Storm, Jim, Gab, Lyd and a lot of the German Wraeththu fans will be there. Caleb is coming along with me too but I'm not sure he's attending the con so much as he's shopping in Cologne ;) I'm going to be on some either German or bilingual panels, which will be interesting.

P.S. I really am feeling cheerful. Had my ceiling fixture installed, feel productive and stuff. I still feel oddly "teary" but I'm not "stuck," which is good.
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Whadya know?

Wow -- amazing what a little bit of hope does!

Since coming home from the doctor I have been giddy and cheerful. My head is still filled with the residual of the crying fit I had, but my mood has improved a lot. The whole sociability thing has improved: chatted with Storm online, chatted cheerfully with the electrician who installed my ceiling lamp, was happy to get a call from a friend wanting to hang out, exchanged banter with the pizza parlor worker downstairs. Also got my head into the positive mode, with my brain hatching plans with a real "can do" / "it'll be easy" attitude, as opposed to the pessimistic paralysis I've been stuck in lately, where everything seems out of reach. I also translated the Grissecon program with ease and copied some Art Deco architectural motifs into a notebook with a fair amount of accuracy. It's like I suddenly CAN DO THIS.

Yay. I'm going to the drug store now to pick up my prescription. Then I'm going to use this energy and do stuff!
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Little animal presents

So tonight I was sweeping the floors and thought of all of you out there who have cats and dogs and have to deal with the hair. I don't envy you, but do you know what I have to deal with on my floor?

guinea pig fur
seed hulls
dried bird poop

The stupid seed hulls are the worst -- lighter than air and close to the color of the floor, thus hard to see. The fluffy white down I can at least see, even if I have to chase it around with my Dirt Devil before catching it.

I least my pets don't slobber, pop hairballs, chew/scratch up furniture or puke on the carpet!