May 5th, 2005

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Pig Moment

Abbie has topped out the Cute-o-meter again!

I was just eating breakfast when I heard an unusually loud rustling sound, like a lot of hay being shifted around. I looked over and there's Abbie, scaling a tall cube of timothy hay, then struggling to eat it while she balanced on top! LOL. Usually I spread the hay around in the hay rack but last night I just plopped it in, so it was all in a cube about 6 in. high.
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I feel weird

Last night I had trouble falling asleep and then woke up 2-3 times feeling overly awake and restless. This is rare for me, as I generally fall asleep quickly and almost never wake up in the middle of the night.

Today, once the newspaper photographer got done her photoshoot, I started to feel weird and I still do. My mouth is dry and I'm really thirsty. I rarely deliberately seek out a drink so this struck me. All day I've felt hot (or hotter than usual, as my middle name should be "Furnace") and almost like I'm sweating, only I'm not. I also have this feeling I can't exactly desribe except as this sort of, I don't know, oddness. I'm a bit jumpy and have this odd detached feeling.

It reminds me of when I was taking Allergra-D, which makes me think maybe the Lexapro is doing it? Hmmm. Seeing as I've only taken it yesterday and today, that seems like a paranoid thought. Still, I will pay attention. If these are side effects, I hope they go away in a few days. If not, I will see what I can do because with Allegra-D I went 3 months on it and it made me uber-crazy, then finally I told the doctor and it was amazing how much more sleep I got!
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The woman in black

Dale, the new employee I'm training to replace me at GTRI, is started to warm up. I'm glad, because he was so quiet Tuesday I thought he was super shy and I don't know how to deal with that. Anyway, he continues to demonstrate admirable competency and is starting to do all my work for me, so that's all good.

Today we had a funny conversation -- well, funny to me anyway. Dale had just been saying how he wears his Navy sweatshirt to work because it's kind of cold in the corner where it sits. This led to the following:

Wendy: Yeah, sometimes it's freezing in here. I remember for a long time I had a coat I left here at work because I had to wear it every day.
Dale: Was it black like the one you have on now?
Wendy: Yeah... actually it was.
Dale: Do you wear a lot of black clothes?
Wendy: Yeah...
Dale: I used to wear a lot of black.
Wendy: I have a ton of black, though I have some things that're pretty bright.
Dale: Are they red?
Wendy: Yeah, actually, they are!
Dale: I knew it!
Wendy: I like to wear black and red together. But I swear I have some other colors. Like the bright green polyester dress I have. I have to wear it next week to prove it to you.

It's true I've worn black or black/white clothes for the past 3-4 days. Meanwhile I want to ask Dale about this past wearing of black. He used to be in the Navy. Do uniforms count? LOL

P.S. This reminds me... I need to post a story from college about the time Caleb, Kristina and I got in a confrontational situation with a woman shopping at the man with her goth daughter.
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Gay Sperm

Among the many news item that dismayed, annoyed or pissed me off today:

FDA wants sperm banks to bar donors who've had gay sex

I think the headline says it all, so I'll skip to the quote within the article that expresses the problem with this upcoming recommendation:

"Under these rules, a heterosexual man who had unprotected sex with HIV-positive prostitutes would be OK as a donor one year later, but a gay man in a monogamous, safe-sex relationship is not OK unless he's been celibate for five years," said Leland Traiman, director of a clinic in Alameda, California, that seeks gay sperm donors.

Here again we have that oft-repeated booboo of confusing a label and a behavior. I once had a professor in college who stood up in front of a class of 200 and announced that gays and poor people were the only ones who had to worry about getting HIV because as a group, straight people are safe. Due to this and several other way, WAY out there comments he made, I wound up writing letters to about 10 people in his department, college, etc. Way to go professor, telling kids that HIV only happens to "those people"!
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A day for me

Had this semi-crazy thought today on the walk home from work. It's this:

By the end of this month, I'm going to be free of this part-time job I've had for the past 8 months. So pretty much, I can just go back to working 5 days a week on Metro Girl. I have been thinking, however, about maybe getting another part-time job. Or maybe, it occured to me on the way home, I should just do something different with those two days -- or even just use one day and then Metro Girl the other day. The point being, I managed to run my business missing those two days, so perhaps I find a way to add a day while exploring some altnerative avenues in life.

Anyway, the "semi-crazy" thought that occured to me is that while 4 weekdays and some of my weekend would be devoted to Metro Girl, one weekday would be a "me" day. Specifically, I'd like this to be a day where I engage in my own personal enrichment and goals. Now before everybody thinks I mean I'm going to sit around reading Confucius and teaching myself Ancient Greek, what I actually was thinking of doing was a) writing and b) brushing up my design/software skills. I think a) takes priority over b) though. On this one day, I would not check email much or do MG work unless it was a total emergency. I would just do MY stuff. Like, for example, I could work on my novel, which I can even justify by saying that if I never finish it there ain't no way I will get paid for it :) And when I get my laptop, I can even do my stuff someplace else, like at Java Monkey in Decatur or in Grant Park.

I'll turn this 'round in my head...
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Baking plans

So for the Tour of Lofts, instead of buying all my entertainment vittles, I'm thinking of baking them. I'm good at baking. I can't sew or clean but dessert I can make! I love the idea of people coming over and saying "Oh, where did you get this?" and me saying I baked it. I enjoy baking more than cooking b/c it generally is less work since most of it is... baking. It's relaxing too.

Anyway, I pulled out the Jewish holiday dessert & bread cookbook I got in NYC recently and marked the pages for things I think would be good to make. I chose things that aren't impossible to do and can be eaten without needing a fork. I'm willing to get some little paper plates for fussy people who don't want to just eat w/hands, but forks is too much.

Here is what I marked:

Seeded sour rye
I've been wanting to make rye bread so bad and this recipe has the whole "sponge starter" thing so I don't have to be like my mom and spend a WEEK making it. I was thinking if it turns out OK, can serve it with butter. Who can resist bread and butter?

Mandelbrot, loaf-style
This involves almond oil and whole almonds. 'Nuf said.

Poppy seed cookies
Very thin vanilla-flavored cookies with lots of poppyseeds.

"Mun" cookies
Another kind of poppyseed cookie. Because I know people want to fail their drug tests!

These are the wonderful tri-corn pastries filled with stuff. I would make poppyseed filling, but... see above. I like prune filling myself, so I will proabably do that. The recipe here looks surprising easy.

It's fun to bake when you know other people will eat it all and you won't feel guilty. Of course I'll have to try at least one of each, gimme a damn break!

Meanwhile I also just like the idea of making Jewish desserts. I think there are like 100 more recipes in the book I want to try. Like this cherry cake I saw, oh my God...

*stumbles away drooling*