May 7th, 2005

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Spring drudgery

Cleaning and purging my place -- that spring thing. Just did the bookcase in the living room and probably removed a cup of dust. Threw out half a trashcan worth of clutter too. I value lots of little sentimental objects and snapshots, but after a while it just looks messy. Plus if you can't remember where that little chestnut comes from, just chuck it! Next I'm movint the TV and stereo stands to clean under them -- with the air purifier about 5 feet away so it can hopefully suck up the truly deplorable amounts of dust under there. When I used my Swiffer under the bookcase, big clumps or what looked like dirty black cottom formed on the pad. For a person with dust allergies, I am awfully masochistic...
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God Bless The Grass

I'm (oh, yes, STILL) cleaning the big room and at the same time, taking a trip down memory lane. Had an urge to pull out some old musical favorites, albums I haven't really listened to in ages. Went through two or three Simon & Garfunkel and The Joshua Tree and now I'm on the second listen for Pete Seeger's God Bless The Grass.

This is one of my mother's favorite albums and one of the few records she ever played. We used to watch Pete Seeger's show on PBS too, singing along to "Little Boxes," "The Faucets Are Dripping," I Have A Rabbit," and all those other great songs. She was so thrilled the year the folk festival in Lawrence had him featured as a guest and even though he was in his 70s and voice was going, it was great.

Meanwhile my dad has always made it clear how much he dislikes Seeger, especially God Bless the Grass; Mom would put it on and it would always be, "Oh, God, THAT album!" LOL. It was just like parents in the 60s complaining about their kids "hippie music." My dad can't stomach any of Seeger's politics -- or my mom's ;) Of course my mom played that album to all of us as kids and all 5 of us kids are Ted Kennedy type liberals, while Dad voted for Reagan, both Bushes and is still going off about FDR to this day.
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Well, THAT'S done!

Except for the floor, the whole main room (kitchen, dining & living room) is clean. Like *really* clean. It took me around six hours. Ai!

Good thing it's Outworlders Game Night, as leisure sounds realllllly good about now.

In other news, ten minutes ago I caught Abbie and YinYang playing tug-of-war with a strip of banana peel.