May 8th, 2005


60 Years Ago (!)

On this date in 1945:

Most armed forces under German control ceased active operations by 23:01 hours CET at the end of World War II in Europe, in accordance with the capitulation documents signed the day before.

Source: Wikipedia
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A day in 4 parts

So my Saturday turned out to be pretty simple, with four main parts:

1) Morning. Woke up at 7:30, dyed hair, read paper, read a book.

2) Brunch. Had nice brunch with the boys at French cafe downstairs.

3) Cleaning. Spent all afternoon cleaning the main room. Wound up with two large bags of trash, another paper bag filled with 20 paper bags, plus a large cardboard box I had to dispose of. Everything is clean except the floor, which I will do either tomorrow or later this week.

4) Game Night.

After a small dinner, went out to catch the bus to get to Ken's place for Outworlders Game Night. When I got out to Peachtree, I found myself in the middle of Freaknik-like levels of cruising and crowds of black youth, all in town for the Sweet Auburn Festival (and I'm guessing also some sports game). There were some AMAZING "Pimp My Ride" type cars on the road -- and that's saying something since I live in one of the national capitals of such things. One guy had a CRUISE SHIP HORN (or something that immitated it) instead of a horn. Meanwhile, while waiting for the bus, reading Octavia Butler (writing about group violence, ha ha), I happened to witness a fistfight break out between two young women in Woodruff Park. This drew a crowd of around 100 people who took a while to decide to break it up. No cops appeared -- until 10 minutes later when one went around telling people to "get off the grass." *rolls eyes*

The bus was a half hour late, due to all the traffic, but I wasn't really late for the event. Wound up watching a game, then played 3 games -- 2 of Burn in Hell and one of Boomtown. I almost won Boomtown but at the last moment it turned out Michael's real estate trumped my cash and so I lost. *sniff* The whole night was fun, as usual. Kind of makes me wish Game Night was always at Ken's because the other two places we have it are just too awkward for me to get to. (I dislike getting rides.)

Since it's like 1:30 now, I'm going to bed now. Yeah... think so!
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Anne Rice Does Jesus

xanath posted this news item to her LJ today and even though I knew this was coming, I'm still flabbergasted.

Anne Rice Gets Biblical in Her Next Book
Vampires are usually her passion, but Anne Rice is getting biblical in her next book, due out in November from publisher Random House. "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" will tell the story of Jesus' early years in his own words.

I kind of wish the Trinity would send her a cease and desist order!
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