May 9th, 2005

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Sunday that didn't suck

So! My day!

Today was a very full day. Again. I swear to crap, every day since I went to the doctor it's like I want to do all this stuff and not only that, I get all the stuff done. No more wasting time. I even get up early and am more awake in the morning. Interesting! Definitely this drug is working, but that's something I can write about in a separate post.)

So! My day!

Early Morning
Woke up at 8 (yes, on a Sunday), read Octavia Butler in bed, showered & dressed, got the paper, then made a batch of pancakes.

Late Morning - Mid-Afternoon
Around 11 I decided to go off to DeKalb Farmers Market to get all the supplies for this week's baking, like bulk poppy seeds, rye flower, etc. Took the train out to Avondale and in order to work in some exercise, walked the mile to the market. On the way I actually went to one of my favorite antique markets and found pieces I want, yay! At the market I was quick and efficient, got everything I wanted, then grabbed lunch at their awesome international buffet bar. Mmm! Left there and walked back to the station carrying a full backpack and two bags. I was pretty hot and sweaty by the end but hey, lots of calories lost, so cool.

Mid-Afternoon - Early Evening
Got back and started the "sponge starter" for my rye bread, did some other things like read more of the Butler book.

Then around 4:45 I met up with the boys to go biking. We did one a cross-city type trek: first up to Atlantic Station to see the new IKEA (opens July) and the lovely oval park, then up through Ansley Park (into that lovely park too), then into Piedmont Park, then over to Outwrite in Midtown, then down Peachtree. Caleb says it was 5-6 miles altogether. I did very well keeping up -- felt like I had way more energy. Freakkkkkky!

I got back home all sweaty and slightly sunburned (it's in the 70s here already and bright sun), so I sat down with Beethoven 9th Symphony (listed to 6-7 times this weekend) and finished Parable of the Sower. GREAT GREAT book -- immediately goes on my all-time fav list. Octavia Butler is just amazing. A-mazing!

Evening - Night
After that I worked on my bread, using the starter to create the dough, then covering it for 50 minutes. Meanwhile I made a YUM dinner of roast zucchini in a kind of tabouli-like herbal mix. Delicious! Rest of the night was me calling Mom, Caleb and Daniel coming over, me chatting with Don. Oh, and the bread came out PERFECT! OMG!
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Exorcism of the Mood

I intend to do a full post about my mood changes over the past few days but just now I found a way to describe it that I want to write out before I forget.

I feel like the little Demon / Devil / Black Angel thing that normally is whispering bad sh*t in my ear is on vacation. The negative messages about myself, my ability to do things, the orders telling me to procrastinate, making me avoid exercise, being a bitch, snapping at people, wasting time, giving in to laziness... they don't seem to be coming in. I still have some impulses that come up but it's getting easier for me to override them and say, "No, this is what I want to do, not that" and suddenly I am doing what I wanted instead of paralyzed into misery.

So! I think I can safely say that medication plus exercise is having a positive effect, in less than a week.
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Piggy Update

Spent all morning taking piggies to the vet for their annual checkup.

Nothing much to report. I found out that if you bring in two animals or more, only one gets the full exam charge, while the second or additionals get only a half charge. I'm glad I didn't bring them in separately. They both weigh *exactly* the same and appear to have no other health problems. The vet said the white stuff that forms in their eyes when I take them outside is some kind of allergy and not to worry unless it happens when they're inside. One other thing I learned is that Abbie doesn't like the sound of whistling cockatiels; there was one in the backroom somewhere and every time it went off she would "rumble" at the scary sound.

Once again, my trip into public with the pigs provoked a lot of curious glances, questions and little kid action. I entertained a 6-7 year old girl on the 123 bus for around two miles by answering her questions about pigs, what they eat, what they like to do. The funniest questions was "Do they like phones?" She had a little pink mobile phone and had it up to the bars. I told her it was just a piece of plastic and metal, not food, so they didn't care about it.

I left at 8:50 and didn't get back 'til almost noon. Gah! But I can't make it there any faster, since I have to get the train and then a bus, then reverse it on the way back. And there's only ONE specialist vet in the whole metro area. Oh, well, like I said to the vet, they are worth the hassle, as even when I'm the most miserable, they make me happy and give me something to do.
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Not feeling as good today. That trip this morning left me totally exhausted. I'm also finding it hard to get to work, feeling down again. Having some coffee now to possibly wake myself up a bit, but I'm skeptical it will work. It's true I did have a big day yesterday, with a long walk and then a bike ride, but I'd think that would make me feel less tired rather than more. Oh, well. I hope I snap out of it!
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Store Wars

O M G! This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Esp. funny if you like puppets, satire, Star Wars, or all three!

(Grocery) Store Wars

Brought to you by the Organic Trade Association, this extended (2-3 min.) movie features Cuke Skywalker, Ham Solo, Chewbroccoli, Obi Wan Cannoli, and other assorted organic veggies locked in mortal combat with Darth Tader, evil lord of the Dark Side of The Farm.

Best line:
"That's not a moon; it's a melon. That fruit will be the death of us all."
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Another web site

Well, I managed to pull myself together and despite problems focusing, finished a new web site in around 3 hours. This site is ANOTHER one for that client in Maryland and yet again has to do with the Air Force. This one is for a "housing privatization project" at Davis-Monthan AFB and Holloman AFB. The clients served by the site are Air Combat Command and the 49th and 355th Wings. Once again they had me set up a secure area with user and password, plus an upload script. Invoice has been sent.

P.S. I'm not linking to the site because it's a) boring and b) it's military-related I know military orgs throw fits about anybody looking at web sites w/o express "Everything is A-OK for public" approval...