May 11th, 2005

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Behind a Powerful Image

BBC is running a spotlight on famous photographs and the stories behind them. One of the pictures is this heavily reproduced one out of the Vietnam War:

The story behind this is amazing -- especially the fact that the photographer SAVED THAT GIRL'S LIFE and she's still alive today and in touch with him.
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ice cream

Messy messy! Yummy yummy!

Just cooked up a double-batch of lekvar (prune) filling for this weekend's hamentaschen. That recipe has to be the stickiest, messiest thing I've ever made! My little food processor decided it needed to leak sweetened prune juice all over the place and my hands were covered with it. I'm ignoring the counter at the moment. I'm sure there's some on the floor too. In its defense though, I have to say it TASTES divine! The filling is made up of prunes, raisins, orange juice, lemon juice, walnuts, and cinnamon. I could easily eat it for dessert.
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I haven't been posting a lot lately, so here are some updates:

- Caleb still wants me to work for his company. I agree their present marketing person is sub-par (she took a full day to write a 3-sentence PR release that I could easily crank out in a half hour) but that doesn't mean want her job.

- Caleb's going out to California next month with his work and since hotel rooms work out so he has his own, he's trying to get me to go with him, even if it's just a few days out of the conference. I'd have to pay air fare but would get to stay out at some fancy hotel in Pasadena for a week. I'm kind of tempted by this.

- The boys report that since being on this anti-depressant they've noticed a considerable drop-off in my snippy tendencies. Things that used to make me have fits and get super aggitated are no provoking the same reaction. In fact the other day I started laughing instead of yelling. I felt rather crappy again today, still depressed, but it wasn't spectacularly bad.

- Made rye bread Sunday and it turned out great. I ate the whole loaf myself -- finished it today.

- Made the filling and dough for the hamentaschen today. I have a good feeling about them. Friday I will be baking them and also doing the two kinds of poppyseed cookies. My house is going to smell so good!

- Tonight I watched History Channel program about bricks. Yes, bricks. I am easily fascinated...

- Dyed my hair last Saturday to a new red color. It's OK, though not really the color I was going for.

- Loft Tour is this weekend...