May 12th, 2005

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Medical morning

Had my annual OB/GYN appointment. Oh, joy! Actually I like the new doctor at the practice, who I saw for the second time today. I still hate the whole speculum thing. But that's all done, got yet more blood tests and got my boobs felt up.

Good news: I've lost weight since last week's doctor appt. I'm now under 200! Yay. I want to have lost 5 pounds by the time I go back to my doctor, so I can say "Yes, I am working towards my goal."

Meanwhile I have a wretched headache. Again. I swear, I get a headache every single day. Today's goes from the top of my head, over my forehead, down my cheekbones and into my nose. I think it's a combination of regular headache and sinus headache. Too bad I don't have any aspirin at the office :(
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Giving women's rights a bad name


Impotent husband must pay damages
An Italian man who married without telling his bride he was impotent must pay damages for abusing her "right to sexuality", a top court has ruled.

The man had failed to fulfil his conjugal duty and deprived his wife of the chance to be a mother, Italy's Supreme Court said.

His wife had already had the marriage annulled on the grounds of non-consummation....
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Movie meme (ganked from xanath)

Q1. Total number of films I own on DvD/Video: 70-80. About 80% are on VHS. Just not wildly pursuing the video thing.

Q2. The Last Film I Bought: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Q3. The Last Film I Watched: Watched Cabinet of Dr. Caligari last night (finally) after buying it back in March in NYC. Last film I saw in the theater was probalby Sky Captain. (I only saw 2-3 movies in the theater last year.)

Q4. Five Films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

Wings of Desire
I often cite this as my favorite movie. One of the main reasons it's so special to me is that I first saw it with my friend Susy, who I was in love with at the time and who loved this movie. It was a touchstone for us, as both of us could relate to its vision so strongly. Between the cinematography and the way the movie taps into humans' inner thoughts, this movie is just amazing. Call it pretentious and slow, but I love it.

Lawrence of Arabia
I had a total obsession with this movie at one time. When I was around 14 or 15 I found out a true 70mm print was playing at the Wang Center in Boston and got my mom to take me out on a weeknight to see it. Extraordinary. One of the first VHS tapes I ever had of my own was this movie, which my parents bought for me as a birthday gift. I've watched it a lot. Peter O'Toole FUELS this movie in a way few actors ever have. The soundtrack is also outstanding.

Wizard of Oz
I think I've probably seen this movie more times than any other. I hooked onto it in early childhood and as a kid I used to act out the parts while playing in the backyard. Every time it came on TV it was a big event for me. I loved the Tin Man because he wore makeup :) I used to sing "Over the Rainbow" over and over and actually had the soundtrack and would sing along with a lot. One other special memory of thisis going to see it in a theater a few years ago on a date with this woman Katie. It was AWESOME on the big screen -- all kinds of detailed showed up I'd never seen on TV.

My Life as a Dog
I first saw this Swedish movie in middle school and it really hit me as something I could relate to -- depressed kid, a little odd, kind of morbid, lonely. I saw it a few times at that age and then recently watched it on TV. What a great movie. I love the way it so accurately presents childhood, when there is a lot of stuff going on that you really can't understand and people lie to you a lot, thinking they are helping when in fact they're just making things more difficult. I also enjoy the fact that the boy in the movie gets exposed to some pretty risque stuff and isn't chastised.

Some people say this is one of John Waters' crappier films but I disagree. It's HILARIOUS! Caleb and I both love this movie because somehow it seems to capture a lot of the spirit of our college days and our sense of humor. The thrift shopping, the interior of the houses, the supermarket game, the language, etc. just evokes a spirit of fun that makes us recall our youth. And there's really trashy humor, too! Yay!

Q5. Which five people am I passing the baton to? Anyone who wants to do it.
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I read a math book

Look what I just read... for fun!

Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott

This was assigned reading in my math class (geometry, I think) in high school and I enjoyed it. Totally dorky and very original. This time around I got more out of it than the first time, since I now see all the satirical fun Abbott has at the expense of his fellow Victorians.

BTW, anybody wanting to build up a nice library of classiccs quickly and cheaply, you can't do better than Dover Thrift Editions! They are often (always?) unabridged but only cost like $1-5. I have E.M. Forster and Oscar Wilde and some poetry in those editions.