May 14th, 2005

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Didn't expect this!

Wells Fargo is often held out as a villain, since they're a mortgage company and people have to write large checks to them, but today (when I checked yesterday's mail) I got a pleasant surprise!

A couple of years ago I refinanced my mortgage and when I did that, I made sure they'd be setting up an escrow account to pay my property taxes. Well, over the past couple of years the account has accummulated a more money than is really needed, so Wells Fargo decided to 1) reduce my monthly payments by around $100 and 2) send me a check for $1600, excess money that was in escrow and won't be needed to pay taxes since I have more than enough in there.

This is quite welcome!
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Loft Tour, Day 1

So Day 1 of the Tour of Lofts was good -- exhausting, but good!

Probably around 200 people came through my place, all oohing and aahing. People really liked what they saw, saying it was very "lived in," "comfortable," "stylish," and "elegant." Based on comments, "crowd favorites" included my polka-dot armchair, sofa, the random wedding picture (not anybody I know), and all the Art Deco furniture. The guinea pigs were a big hit too :) The various types if 20s-40s music I had on drew a lot of compliments as well. I also got into a discussion of DuChamp's "Nude Descending A Staicase," during which I had to point out the woman descending the staircase. Actually with all the various discussions I got into with people, all the questions I had to answer, all the times I had to say "Thank you," "welcome," etc, my throat got really sore from talking! But I do really enjoy letting people know about Downtown, about the building, about myself.

Food-wise, almost all the poppyseed cookies and 3/4 of the hamentaschen got eaten. Everybody seems to have loved them and I got a lot of "I can't believe you BAKED this!" He he. I especially enjoyed it when this woman Heather I know came through and was like "OMG, hamentaschen! Real hamentaschen!" When I told her I'd baked them, she was pretty stunned. "What! They're like... wow, they look perfect!" I have about two dozen more for tomorrow, plus a few poppyseed, but luckily I have a big bag of German cookies to put out, plus some stollen, so the crowds will not go hungry tomorrow.

While everybody was munching on the goodies, I got pretty hungry since I didn't have much food in the house and couldn't exactly cook with dozens of people coming in and out. In seven hours I drank three cups of tea and two glasses of elderflower cordial, plus I ate a couple of the cookies and made a tuna salad. Afterward I went out with Caleb and Daniel, who had been visiting, to the super cheap Chinese place that's opened up by Caleb's building. The total bill for three of us was like $10.

The only other thing I did today besides play hostess for 7 hours was go out to the festival for 20 minutes. I bought a beautiful black wrap from a Turkish man (who, like all Turkish men, told me about a dozen times how beautiful I am) and wonderful handmade soaps that were on a 4 for $10 special. I hope I can get out again tomorrow because the stalls seemed to have especially nice stuff this year.
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Saturday night crazy happy

So I went to another of Susan's fun/infamous penthouse parties. Mmmmm! Brian (another neighbor) played chef and ever though I showed up too late for the main dish, the salads I had were great. Even better were the drinks. First I had mango juice with vodka and raspberries in it (yeah, whole berries) and then I had some mango and lemon stuff that was in a pitcher. Which had berries in it too by the time I was done. And I had a Sweetwater. People were all nice; it was all the organizers of the festival and tour, all drunk and happy. It was announced that today we made more money than we ever had at any previous festival, and today was just one day, not the whole weekend. We had great weather, so finally we sold a lot of beer, and I guess we made a lot of money on the tour too. Anyway, we were all happy, silly, friendly, tired, frenetic. A lot of the people are getting up tomorrow at like 8 to set up again, but the tour doesn't start 'til noon so I will chill out in the morning.

And now I will be falling asleep due to exhaustion and mango-vodka cocktail after-effects.

P.S. Thanks tritium for the CD. I didn't get a chance to listen to it yet but I will as soon as this loft tour stuff is over.