May 15th, 2005

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Well, after 13 HOURS of entertaining / playing hostess the Tour of Lofts is finally over. I actually enjoyed the experience and I certainly am confident that I have a beautiful home, as I was complimented about 500 times! I think I will even get some business out of this weekend, as I had my card out and several people made inquiries. The other things I got out of this weekend: a clean house and an empty "treats" shelf, as I used two bags of scone mix today, a stollen loaf and a big bag of German cookies. I really kept people fed! Now, however, I am really tired and just kind want to sprawl out somewhere...
sideview, obamame_sideview

Random bits

The festival and tour officially ended at 6 p.m. From out my window, the only remnant I can see of the fetsival is a purple helium balloon drifting across Walton Stret. Our volunteer crew was very, very quick helping all the artists and vendors pack up, folding up the tents, picking up trash, etc. Really amazing actually.

Financially, this year's event was the biggest success we've ever had. I bet we sold somewhere around 500 tour tickets, which even at pre-ordered rates would be $7500. The festival beer truck also must've hauled in more cash than ever. And since the festival was nearly at break-even before the event (having got plenty of sponsors, who covered all the costs), I guess all the money we made was profit. For an event only in its fourth year, that's very impressive!


I just had dinner: more macaroni and tuna salad. I made up a big bowl of it around 11:30 so once the tour started, I'd have something to eat. I had it for lunch, late lunch and then dinner. It's all gone now... thankfully!


So ALL my baked goods got eaten -- every single cookie and pastry. Today I also put out a loaf of stollen, a big bag of German butter cookies and two fresh-baked trays of scones. The only thing left by the end were some cookie crumbs and one scone! Everybody was marveling at my homemaking skills, especially when I was mixing scone dough while people were coming in and out.


My pets had a pretty eventful weekend. The guinea pigs were a big hit, but eventually they got a bit stressed out. So people could see them better, I removed the shoeboxes they normally hide in, which meant that both of them kept trying to hide in their hay feeder! Meanwhile the birds, kept in their cage, were very antsy. Last night when I opened the cage they immediately flew back and forth 10 times!


Having just read Flatland, which was all about logic and science, I'm now reading Asimov's The Gods Themselves. I can't say I really follow all of it (partical physics is not my forte) but it's a quick read and the section with the non-gendered aliens is very cool.


Now that the tour is over, I think I will continue my home decorating.

Goals for this year:

1) Paint bedroom (dark blue).
2) Replace hodgepodge entertainment racks with single Art Deco antique (sideboard, serving cabinet, or similar).
3) Sell 1950s formica and iron dining room set.
4) Buy early 20th century tiger oak table with leaf/leaves, 6 chairs.
5) Buy and install ceiling lamp in bedroom.
6) Organize closets, including trashing a bunch of stuff.
7) Find bookshelf/bookcase solution, as I'm running out of shelves again.


Also now that the tour is over: I need to get the Spring edition of Inception done! This week's task.

We Don't Knock

Today, not sure why, I remember a really old example of Reality TV!

Back in the 80s I watched lot of Channel 38, a local UHF channel out of Boston. This station was great, airing really good movies every night on "The Movie Loft," running reruns of "M*A*S*H" and "Barney Miller," playing "Creature Double Features" and broadcasting local sports.

Anyway, at some point they developed this show called "We Don't Knock." The show was hosted by Dana Hersey, also the host of "The Movie Loft." The premise of the show was that Dana Hersey would show up somewhere (restaurant, health club, museum, etc.) with a camera crew, knock on the door, and basicaly say "Hi, can we come in?" The show would then just follow what happened. Dana would then walk up to people, ask questions, show what people were doing (playing pool, working out, etc.)

The show wasn't live, but taped to show the highlights. The whole point of it was that you could vicariously be a nosey busy body and just see what was going on various places. I can't remember anything special ever happening, but it was hilarious. On some episodes Dana wouldn't be able to get in somewhere and so they'd go somewhere else. I think he also got kicked out a couple of times for showing stuff businesses didn't want shown. It was really funny, because Dana wasn't obnoxious and he wasn't being a Michael Moore; he was more just this guy being like "Hey, come on, just let me hang around?"

I think I would have to go to Boston (or Boston-oriented online spots) to find anybody who remembers this show. It was funny to me at the time though.
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