May 16th, 2005

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Not being rewarded here...

So after flying Airtran for like 10 years, I finally got enough A Plus Rewards points to be able to redeem them for a free flight. I've tried so long to get enough points but you lose the points after a year and I never fly quite enough to get it. But finally... I did!

But can I actually get a flight? Seems not! First I tried to book a flight to Newark using a free one-way and was told it was "subject to availability." Turns out the only flights are available were at weird times that wouldn't work. So I cancelled that trip and paid for a flight to Boston instead.

Just now, I called up to see if I could use my Rewards to go to LA. The trip is like a month from now and I figured there'd be something availalbe. But no! They only had one really bad time for the departure (through Dallas, arriving at 9 at night) and didn't have a return flight on 2 different days. So I guess I'm not going to LA either.

Maybe I should call and book a flight to Chicago in like... September? So that stuff won't be booked? WTF?


So today was not one of my perkier days. Been lethargic all day and now I have that burning, hot, depressed feeling. That said, I managed to spend ALL DAY doing work for Caleb's company, putting together two web sites generating several invoices and proofreading a document. So I earned my keep even though I feel like somebody slipped me Nyquil.
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Time to go a'huntin'!

I'm still on my whole home improvement kick and one of my next things is going to be getting some new (antique, of course) furniture.

Right now my "entertainment center" consists of:

1) a 3-level Container Store cart (handling speakers, CD player, tape deck, amplifier/tuner, and a turntable)
2) a white painted 60s 2-level cart (handling TV and CD albums), and
3) a 3-cube Target "storage module" (handling DVDs, VHS tapes, and 33s)
4) old beauty school supply suitcase filled with audio cassettes

Caleb has told me many times that this looks really crappy and doesn't go with my house AT ALL and I agree. My plan is to replace this hodgepodge with some kind of Art Deco sideboard, cabinet credenza, etc. I really think it will work out nicely.

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I'm also interested in replacing my 1950s pink & black formica dining room set with something actually 1920s/1930s. That table was one of Caleb and my first furniture purchases but it doesn't go with the other stuff I have and the chairs aren't very comfortable.

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After 8 years of antique hunting in Atlanta, I know pretty much where to look. I think I will look up in Chamblee for the sideboard. The table I can find either at Kudzu in Decatur or Fine American Furniture over on Ponce. Of course I have to sell the current dining room set before I buy a new one. Maybe I'll find some 1950s dealer in Chamblee who will take it off me? We paid $450 for it in 1997. Worth more than that but I'd be happy to make that back (money split with Caleb, of course).

Yes, I'm an antique nut.
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Overall I'd classify today as "endurable," I guess. Towards the end, however, it got better, as good things happened and, rather preditably, I woke up a bit.

Bits o' goodness:

1) May seems to be a pretty good month cashwise. My GTRI paychecks are extra high since I got my hourly raise and also worked a few more hours. Then I got that check from Wells Fargo, a state tax refund, and some small client checks. I expect some big client checks to come in by the end of the month, so I will be pretty darn healthy financially when June 1 comes around and I can pay myself. (Maybe I should just pay for full-price tix to LA? It's only like $300...)

2) New CD! tritium did the very generous thing of offering to make a custom CD mixer for anybody who reads his LJ. All you had to do was request a theme. Well, I requested one and got the CD over the weekend. Today I listened to it (am listening now, again) and his "Trippy Weirdness and/or Madness" CD is awesome. It's EERILY on target as far as being stuff I like, a.k.a. it's freaky, ecclectic, and kinda scary. By far the scariest track: Tom Waits' "What Is He Building In There?" Gah! I will bring this sucker to work tomorrow. Thanks, tritium!

3) So around 8:45 Caleb calls and offers me "fwesh fwish stwicks" at his house. Actually they were frozen fish sticks he bought when we were still living together (that would be like 5 years ago!) and they tasted like fish-flavored cardboard pulp, but I was hungry and so was he so we ate them -- with canned corn, for extra trashiness. Daniel came over and we all wound up in Caleb's bed (no, nothing kinky!) talking and reading. Eventually both of them got to poking and grabbing my fat and laughing at how I'm shaped like my underwear, so I left to go back home and work out.

4) Did my workout on the stairmaster. I sweat like a pig (rare for me) and my pulse actually went up, so I must've done it right.

5) Finished The Gods Themselves. Considering Asimov built the book is built around various principles of partical physics and stuff, I followed it pretty well. I have to say, however, that out of the three parts, it was the middle part, having nothing really to DO with physics, but instead triads of non-gendered aliens, that was cool. The other parts were OK quick reads but not mind-blowing like the middle. Asimov, interviewed in the 80s, said he was most proud of that section of writing than any of his other fiction stuff, and I can see why. Very cool!