May 18th, 2005

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I slept more last night (no sore back either, go figure) yet I am more tired. I can't win!

Actually I think perhaps one reason for this is that I spend about an hour every morning refusing to get up. That's right, I wake up (no alarm) and then when I see what time it is (7, 7:30, too early), I stubbornly refuse to get up. I close my eyes, bury my head in the pillow, and refuse to get up until "later." I hold this pose for an hour.
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One client down, sort of

Called one of the new clients. It was a very nice chat and the job is definitely my thing. It's a job for a planning/growth center in Covington and will be cool except as an initial meeting, the lady would like me to go out to Covington, which is about 35 miles away!

There's a commuter bus service that goes out, but it only goes TO Covington in the afternoon and you can't get BACK. (Yes, this is Georgia.) Caleb has joked that I should rent a car since it's just a simple drive east along I-20, but, but, but...! Ack. I could possibly endure driving if it were just local streets, 25-30 mph, but a highway? A highway in Atlanta? I don't think so!

Will figure something out. Possibly I can just go out with Caleb next time he has a meeting there (he's doing business with this center, which is how I got hooked up) or possibly I can ask the woman to meet me in Decatur, which would be 30 mi. driving for her but at least doable.
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Irrationality, pornography

Called the second client. I don't know why I get so nervous about these things. We talked for only 8 minutes but I basically got a deal to do a small web site for a polymer aging (huh?) company, complete with hosting and domain. It's just a 5-pager but that considered, I'll be paid well for the work. I'm sending over the estimate now and expect them to say yes.


In other TOTALLY unrelated news, I'm reading this book Caleb gave me for Christmas called Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin and I swear there is stuff that is shocking ME! I seriously didn't think anything could shock me or freak me out, but last night I was reading about the "Medicine" girl child prostitutes and other various things and I was going "WTF?!!!!!" Maybe later I will detail a few of the more shocking sins and share that with the LJ world, but right now I'll just goggle privately...
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So I was just innnocently enjoying this afternoon when suddenly I got really tired. Like "Oh God I'm going to crash this car, who the hell slipped me Nyquil?" tired. Ack. Am hoping this here coffee helps me out some because I'm awfully close to being asleep.
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I don't seem to be waking up yet, but I have this:

Last night I dreamed I saw Jesse Jackson at some party I was at, but walked on by because I didn't want to bug him. Maybe another reason was his reputed sex appeal? Caleb's ex-boss Alycen met him and said he exhuded sex appeal, which basically turns those around him into VERY willing helpers.

Meanwhile, zzz....
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OK, this isn't funny

So I don't know what the heck hit me, but whoah! did something hit me. It was like the time I was trying to go to the Outworlders picnic and got dizzy and nauseous on the train. Actually I have an Outworlders meeting tonight and am still debating whether or not to go.

I was reading a couple of stories for tonight and spaced out in the middle of one of them. The phone rang and it was Caleb. I guess I was asleep, or at least in some altered form of consciousness, for around a half hour. His phone call kind of woke me up, but not really.

I did a web update he needed, then finished the story. Staggered around the house, feeling dizzy, then like I might throw up or collapse somewhere. Just now I managed to cook and eat a plate of spaghetti, but my face almost fell into the food. That fork felt really heavy!

Didn't finish my coffee ever either, as I was too tired to bother.

Hopefully the fresh air outside will un-wilt me.