May 19th, 2005

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Summer Cometh

It's May and already it's starting to get too hot. Some days are still perfect (60s, low 70s, fresh air), but more and more it's getting humid and over 80 F. One we get to June, the weather won't be nice again 'til September. This is Georgia, however, so what do I expect????? I'll just enjoy the nice days while they last.
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Sleep Attack

Oh, so last night I decided to go out to that Outworlders writers group meeting. I suspect that outdoor fresh air and something to DO would wake me up. I was right. I wasn't dizzy any more and we all ended up talking 'til 11:30 p.m.! I felt much more awake when I left than I had at like 5 p.m. Whatever had knocked me out went away.

On a somewhat related note, I was putting my pills into the pill box I use when I noticed warnings on the Lexapro. I read the instructions from the pharmacy, but somehow I'd missed the yellow stickers on the bottle telling me not to drink alcohol or use heavy machinery (!). Hmmm. Well, I admit I had drunk a few times since starting the Lexapro, but only once was it any substantial amount and it was always in the late afternoon or evening, many hours after the pill. I didn't notice any unusual impairment either. (And no, I definitely did not have a drink yesterday afternoon, which might've explained my zonked-outed-ness.)
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CNN has put out a report on the rather nasty situation of Type II diabetes, like for example how many people don't know they have it and even when they do, they don't deal with it properly.

People, I urge all of you to avoid this condition. My dad and all his relatives developed this in their 50s and all of them got very sick. My grandparents died from it and my aunt died in her mid-50s from associated complications. There's so much you can do to cut your risk and it's also easy to get a test. One reason I am trying not to let myself go too far is that I don't want turn 50 and get a special present :(

End of public service announcement.
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She dresses this way for a REASON!

I posted this on a thread in xanath's LJ but thought I'd repost here.

This reminds me of an incident from my college years...

My friends and I were at some mall in Connecticut. We were outside the changing rooms because one of us was trying on some clothes. Along comes this mother and daughter. The mom is wearing colorful flowering clothing and looks very Midwestern happy, if you know what I mean. The daugther, meanwhile, is skinny, kind of pale and wearing all black. The clothes they are taking in to try on are 4 pairs of black shorts and a few black T-shirts.

Now we're sitting there and the mom says something like "You sure you don't want to try anything else?" and that just triggered a giggle fit with us because obviously the girl just wants some black clothes. So we giggled a little at the idea of this mom taking her goth daughter out shopping and how the girl probably hates it... and then suddenly this mom comes up to us all upset, going, "Are you laughing at my daughter? Do you think this is FUNNY? You don't know her PAIN! She dresses this was for a REASON!"

Call us college-age buttheads, but this made us laugh more, not less, since we were sure we could understand this girl's "pain" more than this woman! The girl was totally mortified by her mom's behavior. Later on we road home to UMass and kept saying "She dresses this way for a REASON!"

Some might read this and think we were acting like jerks but I assure you we weren't... it was just really funny to see this mom-daughter combo and ALL those black clothes, since the store was like TJ Maxx or something, not known for those dark colors, you know? We weren't pointing and gawking either, just giggling and little and murmuring.
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Professional Porn Reviewer?

Lately I've been going to Craigslist (Atlanta) to troll for potential jobs, projects, etc. One listing I've seen a couple of times before under Writing/Editing just cracks me up:

Dirty Blog
Seeking well-versed, witty, and gutter-mouthed wordsmith to collaborate on a new, up-and-coming gay pornsite blog. This individual should be very 'with the times' regarding pop culture and veritably obsessed with gay porn, gay porn stars and gay porn sites. Tasks are to include regular updates of said blog and writing gay pornsite reviews. Blog entries should contain site related news, social critiques, and pop culture updates with a humorous spin. Please have examples of your work or personal, recently updated weblog available for viewing.

I mean, is THAT a job or what? You go to gay porn sites and review them? Humorously? Posting here if you're interested ;)
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Man, this would suck if it happens, though I find it likely a deal will be struck.

London Eye given eviction notice

I've gone on the Eye twice and I think it's pretty darn awesome and totally worth the 15 quid admission. The wait isn't long, the service is police, the ride is a whole 1/2 hour, and the views are spectacular!
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My Block

This past weekend my place was on a home tour, so I had tons of people talking to me about my place, building, neighborhood, etc. Naturally this drew me into appreciating (even more) the coolness that is my building/block, and out of this, comes this list.

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