May 20th, 2005


Teens with a serious lack of empathy

So I check my hometown paper, the Andover Townsman, every week, just so I always know what's going on. Well, today I found out cops just uncovered a big case of sick animal torture!

Teens accused of animal torture

They killed chicks, beat chickens with lacross sticks, "put a frog in the center of the swastika, labeled it as Jewish and torched it alive," and MORE! And they videotaped it all!

*totally disgusted*
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Today has been pretty decent, I guess, but unfortunately The Thing is visiting me today. The past 2-3 hours I've felt that yucky malaise in my head and keep just flopping down on the bed or the couch, tired and not wanting to do anything. Thankfully I don't have much to do and what little immediate errands I have (some minor updates, proofreading, etc.) have been easy. Just feel so yucky though :(