May 22nd, 2005

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NYC dream

My dreams are often set in special "dream settings," places I go to again and again. Often these places are alternative versions of real places, like my elementary school, Manhattan, etc., but there are some settings which repeat in my head even though they're entirely imaginary.

Last night I dreamt a new setting -- yet another alternative version of NYC! I've been dreaming about NYC since I was very little and I often have dreams of an "alternative Manhattan" filled with extra-confusing traffic ramps and more neon, but this NYC last night was different. Somehow I dreamed that me and my family lived there, only instead of living some real place, we lived in some burrough that was south of Brooklyn but was NOT Staten Island! LOL. I had a name for it but even in the dream I had trouble remembering it.

Anyway, I dreamed we lived there. The details of things escape me but there are a handful of things I remember:

1) I kept having to go to the airport but never actually got on a plane
2) There was a blackout that affected our (fake) burrough and I was shocked. Weirdly, the blackout even affected my mobile phone.
3) At one point my family wound up in New York Harbor on a small boat, helping out the Coast Guard with some emergency, which turns out to be a big island covered with ice like an iceberg. My dad was there saying how that island used to be there when he was a kid and had killed his great grandmother on some sailing trip.
4) Possibly after hitting that iceberg, my family and I wound up swimming through New York Harbor. My dad was head of the group and determined to save NYC, but the water was really cold and he looked like he was going to drown, so I came up to him and buoyed him so we could all keep going.

Weird, weird, weird.
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Yummy Chick Pea Curry Dish

Made this yummy dish tonight. Usually there's tofu in it but I didn't have any so I left it out and added some spinach. I think it turned out better than the normal way. Anyway, it's delicious and easy, as whole meal or a side, so I thought I'd share.

You need to have Indian spices like tumeric on hand. The original recipe is from Moosewood Restaurant Cook at Home, BTW, which is all quick and easy vegetarian recipes. I've left out the tofu but if you want it, just chop up a cake of tofu, cut into 1/2 in. cubes and add it after putting in the spices.

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