May 23rd, 2005

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Where are my super powers?

I've been feeling pretty tired and weak lately, but this morning I think I reached a new and embarrassing low: I couldn't open a shampoo bottle! I tried and tried to pop it open like usual, several times, but it wouldn't budge. Finally I had to use my teeth.

I seem to be sleepy and drifting off again today. Like I'll stare at the cover of my Fireworks book for 20-30 seconds, or I'll stare at my food or I'll just go to the sofa and sit there "just because."

I woke up today thinking it felt like time to go to bed. I sleep 7-8 hours a night and am not running myself ragged, so I have no idea why I feel so flattened.
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You know you're on a feminist collective mailing list when you get an email with the subject "Come Celebrate Masturbation Month." Masturbation Month? Really? Was there a proclamation signed on this?
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Caleb just did a picture post on beautiful NEW townhouses. His LJ doesn't get much traffic (or use) so people should check it out. Lovely homes. The third picture down shows a townhouse here in Atlanta I *love* because the interior layout is fantastic and the exterior design is Bauhaus style. The development it's in, Glenwood Park (designed in part by Caleb), is amazing and I'd love to live there if it were on a train line. In general I'm attracted mainly to converted buildings or old buildings but this new construction is so well done it's very tempting.
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Just did the first week's homework for the online IWG/HWG Flash class I'm taking. Like most of their courses, it's a six-week course utilizing a textbook, online lecture and hands-on assignments which must be turned in. I've done 3 previous courses and they were all tough (esp. ASP*), but even relatively speaking, I'd say the instructors on this one aren't fooling around!

For the first week, we had 200 pages worth of reading (Visual Quickstart Guide), a written "lecture" and a pretty tough assignment, which was reproducing a fairly complex graphic using Flash without using any layers. Even though I'm adept at drawing programs and Fireworks, my tool of choice, is very, very similar to Flash, there were a few tricks I had to puzzle out. I think I will get a pass on this assignment, however, although I bet the instructors will find something or other they'll want me to fix.

Link to my Flash drawing (not animated)

I guess next the class will get on to the TOUGH stuff of layers, frames, animation, etc. I've learned Flash 3-4 times before and I always understand enough to do basic things, it still hasn't penetrated my head or become "natural." People say "Flash is so intuitive" but to me, it totally isn't. The interface baffles me! However, I'm going to try and stick with this class, following along with the book and the instructors to force myself to learn it once and for all.

And don't worry, kids, my web sites aren't going to suddenly go all Flash. I would like to use it here and there, however.

* atomicdave: I had to drop out of an "ASP for Non-Programmers" course after 2-3 weeks because I go so behind trying to comprehend the reading. One of those giant red WROX books. I'd like to try again someday, but eek, that fried my brain.
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