May 24th, 2005

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These are the people in my neighborhood

If all those reports are right, most Americans don't exercise. Once again, I have to say I live amongst an atypical population. Tonight there was a wrap-up meeting related to the neighborhood festival/tour and out of the dozen or so people there, 6 showed up in workout clothes (post- or pre-exercise) and 2 (me and another woman) had worked out right before the meeting but took showers and changed. Not bad!

Another sign of how we're a bit different is discussion we had about sponsors. One woman, new to the group, suggested we go over a car dealership and several of us spoke up and said "That's not us at all, we're not into the whole car lifestyle" and vetoed the idea.

Meanwhile the new woman annoyed the heck out of me. She's going to be co-chairing the Market with Tony and I think she's going to mess it up. She has all these ideas that are so ELITIST! I like our Festival because in the past we've been so egalitarian and had variety, opportunity for new artists, and now they want to go to a juried show, get rid of all "commercial" vendors, force everybody to have their own tents ("because real professionals usually have them"), etc. Honestly, my favorite vendors generaly aren't the professionals, but the total amateurs and the commercial vendors. Oh, and she made a crack about "crafters" often not being artists, which was another elitist thing. Glad I'm not on the main committee, only the one of the Tour. I wonder if anybody else's hackles got raised.

My contribution to next year's event will be doing the web site and event brochure/guide again. I won't have my unit on the tour so I guess I will volunteer to do something. Probably I'll do a shift as the building volunteer in this building.
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Pricey Education

Alternet has an article, directed at journalists and journalism studnets, running with the tag line "What do you get for your $30K+ J-school diploma?"

This made me think, how much did my J diploma cost? Seeing at total cost of UMass per year (tuition, the infamous "curriclum fee," fees, housing, and meal plan) was around $7500, my diploma really did cost $30K! I paid about 2/3 of that myself either with cash or scholarships I earned.

Of course this is a very good deal considering many school cost that much PER YEAR! Like for example three private universities I was offered admission to but were only willing to offer me a scholarship worth 2-3% of the cost. I was pretty devastated at the time but it was absolutely for the best I went to UMass instead. (Imagine me at Georgetown!)

I graduated school without having had to take out a single loan.