May 25th, 2005


Chat with Mom

Just got off the IM with Mom. I'm flying up Friday for a big family Memorial Day weekend.

A few highlights:

wcdarling: I'm baking some zucchini bread right now, one for work (my last day at Georgia Tech) and one I'll bring up Friday.
wcdarling: I had some zucchini that would've gone bad if I just left it in the fridge.
Mom: Good. I'm making a sand torte and if I am real ambishous (can't spell or use grammar tonight) I'll make a rum cake.
wcdarling: Oh, both are so good!
wcdarling: I've got to watch I don't eat too many goodies but I'll have to have a slice of each ;)
Mom: One slice at a time is good:x


Mom: I've been here trying to clean up the computer room all day. I'm finally beginning to see the brown desk. Hopefully it will still be visible when you arrive.
wcdarling: Ha ha.
wcdarling: My place has been clean for about two weeks. I'm having a momentary willpower moment.
Mom: Have some faith. Don't laugh at Mom.
wcdarling: Ha ha.
Mom: Nasty!
wcdarling: No, I'm sure it will be clean. Every time I come home I notice things are cleaner.

... [and later in closing]

Mom: Now that I can see the desk I have to do other things.
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Field Trip

So today I got to go on a field trip -- to Georgia!

It's true I actually LIVE in Georgia, and have for about 9 years, but Atlanta is more IN Georgia than OF Georgia. You can drive 10 miles south of here and you'll find Georgia-Georgia, but right here it's Atlanta-Georgia, which, like most cities of any size, has more in common with other cities than it does with the more rural areas that surround them elsewhere in the state, province, etc. Normally I operate within a small spehere geographically, sticking around Downtown, Midtown, going up to Buckhead for my shots, and making occasional trips to Virginia-Highland, Decatur, etc. When I actually leave Atlanta, it's usually on a plane, off to Boston or Europe.

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