May 26th, 2005

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Unclear on the concept

Just got an email from British Air advertising:

"Fly to Europe in our renowned Club World cabin for as little as $1,284. Book by May 30."

As little as $1300? Whoah, like I'm there! Gimme a break! Bad enough a summer fare is like $800! Glad my next ticket will be for November, when fares are like $300. (What will biz class tix cost then, $1000?)

Meanwhile I'm going to Italy in about 5 weeks I think. Those tickets are on Air France and were mighty expensive but I think worth it!
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Bits and pieces

I seem to have found way to trick myself into drink water: Go to The Globe, a new restaurant on 5th St. I went there Tuesday and again today and both times, I drank a full liter of water! Water is delivered at the table in a nice glass liter-size caraffe with a very pretty, thin glass... glass. Something about the glassware makes me guzzle water, which I normally hate. I think it's the fact the water is nice and chilled with NO ice, plus the glasses is so thin it's like you're lapping up water rather than holding a big clunky class.


Don't want to jinx myself, but I can't resist nothing that neither yesterday (during my full day in Newton County) nor today do I feel depressed. In fact I feel just... normal, sometimes lighthearted, happy and unworried actually.


Had an idea today for a trip. I'm thinking next winter, rather than going to Storm's as I did this year, I could go to stay with my parents for 3 weeks or something like that. I'll be getting a laptop sometime soon and especially if I find some kind of wireless option that will work at my parents (or somewhere nearby) I could work away from home. The reason I'm thinking of this is that I just realized I've been living in Georgia for nine years and it seems like I should just catch up with my parents and Massachusetts. Plus my parents won't be around forever.


Speaking of, I'm headed up to Boston tomorrow for a visit through Tuesday. Supposedly all my siblings and family will be there! My main hope is that my brother Tom can manage to avoid provoking Dad into another fight over politics. He should just give up on Dad -- he's not going to change! True, Dad does egg him on, but I don't think it's out of meanness, he's just stubborn! Anyway, I hope that can be avoided and it ends up being lots of fun, with good food and hopefully some trips to the movie theater.
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Home State Recs

Going to Massachusetts tomorrow apparently has led me to devising this list:

Wiebke's List of 10 Towns to Check Out in the Bay State
No order

1. Boston
2. Cambridge
3. Salem
4. Gloucester
5. Newburyport
6. Plum Island
7. Sturbridge
8. Northampton
9. North Adams (specially the Mass Museum of Contemporary Arts)
10. Lowell (specially the Lowell National Historical Park)

Most of this list is biased and from the Cape Anne / northeast section of the state, but that's mainly what I know.