May 27th, 2005

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Hi from Andover

I'm at my parents' house in Massachusetts. Made it here all in one piece. The trip up was extra long today, as I didn't have a direct flight, but one with a 1 1/2 layover in Baltimore. So I got on MARTA at around 8, took 2 planes, and then in Boston a bus, two subways and a train, to arrive at 3:45. My mom picked me up at the train station this time, which was great since at Christmas I couldn't reach her on the phone and had to pull my luggage uphill through the ice and snow!

Mom and Dad seem to be doing well. Dad looks MUCH better than I thought and is getting around. He has a cane and can go up and down the stairs, although he tries to avoid doing that more than a couple times a day, as it takes a lot out of him. He also does a daily walk, which is basically walking to the nearest fire hydrant, about four houses down, and back. Mom is doing super as always, vibrant and still with a full head of naturally brown hair.

The house has been all changed around, which is a little disorienting. My mom set up her and dad's bedroom in my old bedroom. My old beds are now in the dining room. The living room has been moved around, repainted and improved too. The original master bedroom is full of junk, though Mom says she's been cleaning it out some.

Not surprisingly, the yard is a total disaster, as it's been cold, rainy and Mom has to take care of Dad. Aside from the little garden she has in the back yard, everything is rather a mess. I volunteered myself for some yard work and picked up all the pine braches that had fallen in the recent storms. It was a huge pile, I guess at least 100 branches. My hands are stuck with pine tar. I also went and cleaned out the street drains, which were clogged with pine needles and sand. I don't have any yard work at home, so I really enjoyed it!

Mom showed me an envelope of old pictures she has, including some of my grandparents and German relatives. I've got to make copies! Favorites of mine include my grandparents' wedding picture, picture of Oma wearing a risque bathing suit in 1931, my mom's high school portrait (1953), and this wedding picture of my grandmother's brother and his wife, in Germany, in 1939. There is also a set of very, very old prints on cardboard of my great grandparents (my mom's mom's parents), done at a studio in Berlin, probably around 1880 or so. They're small but very nice! Mom says she'll take me to CVS to use their photo scan printer.

Dinner was good, though I totally broke the vegetarian rule, without even thinking We had leftover meatloaf and I just LOVE meatloaf! I started eating it before I realized. Oh well. I didn't buy it at least. We also had corn, peas, and egg noodles w/sour cream. SO my parents, and as usual I loved it. I don't cook anything like my parents but I find their cooking really yummy.

Oh, well, I guess that's it from me for now. I'm a little itchy from the pine tar and the dust in this house, but I will live.