May 31st, 2005

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I'm back from Boston!

Naturally my regular (broadband) Internet is down. This seems to happen every time I go off on a trip. I leave and it's fine, come back and it's broken, and I have no clue why. It should mysteriously fix itself... at some point. Tomorrow? I will email management tomorrow, if not.

Slept late, 'til 10:30, this morning, and really didn't have time to do much except shower, dress, pack, eat and pester my parents into driving me to the Logan Shuttle drop-off. As usual, the bus trip was super-smooth and so was AirTran. I love that airline. Been flying them for 10 years, since they were ValuJet, and it just keeps on getting better!

Aside from my Internet not working, all seems well here. Tonight I'll unpack, pick up, probably see Caleb. Nothing super exciting.
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I tell you what's absurd!

It really troubles me that Bush and Cheney are both so willing to totally dismiss such reports out of hand, whatever the source.

Bush: Amnesty report 'absurd'

Meanwhile yesterday in Newburyport I noticed a ton of cars with "Let's Not Elect Him in 2004 Either" bumper stickers and so on. Like it's a big surprise folks from northeast Massachusetts hate Bush, but still, I was like "Yay, I love all these bumper stickers!"
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