June 1st, 2005

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Damned Mosquitos

For most people, mosquitos are just annoying; they get a few irritating bites but they go away in a couple of hours so who cares? For me mosquitos are proof Satan exists!

This weekend I had the unfortunate experience of being in prime 'squito territory: my parents' backyard. The fact I'm a "mosquito magnet" didn't help me. Those buggers got me all over. Worse, they managed to deliver several really severe bites.

What do I mean by "severe"? Well, a bite I got on my right wrist Saturday afternoon is still throbbing. Saturday night and all day Sunday and Monday, the poison in that bite created a 3 inch long welt so red that I could barely find the actual welt. It was very hot and swollen, to the point I had to ice it down a couple of times. Yesterday the larger welt went away, but now I have a nasty looking 1/4 inch. bite protruding up from my wrist. And it itches. Ugh.

There are 14-15 other bites left on me, including behind my ears, on my back, knees, etc., but none of them are bothing as much as my wrist.

I talked to Mom about this and she says she's always been the same way -- she gets attacked realy bad and the bites often lead her to scratch so much she bleeds. She reacts the same way to fleas, which I do also. Her dad had the same thing, so I guess we're all mosquito (and flea) sensitive.
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My regular Internet is still down, so I'm using my dial-up. Boy, and people wonder why I'm using an 8-year-old email address from some obscure ISP. *This* is why! When I get my mail later, I'll copy down the email address for the building management contact and write him a note saying "Um....?" Tends to work... eventually.

Of course the of advantage to using dial-up? Nobody can reach me on the phone. Cool, I say!
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The Other Side

I was just checking the Referrers on my web site saw people were coming to one of my sites from http://www.rightnation.us and was like: "What?" Well, I followed the URL to a forum thinking I'd find they were linking to one of my my pictures, but I got a 404 error. Which led me to the site, which bills itself as "America's #1 Conservative Community," with forums, a blog, etc.

It also sells all kinds of bumperstickers, T-shirts, etc., with multiple Cafe Press shops, which is what really got me. A few of the slogans they're pushing:

"Thank God for President George W. Bush"
"Thank Me - I Voted For Bush!"
"I Work - Therefore I Am Conservative"
"US out of UN"

I'm going back to listening to anti-Nazi Berlin cabaret now, thanks...
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Family tidbits

My trip home was great. One of the best things about it was simply being able to be around EVERYONE in my family and catch up, chat, interact, get silly, eat, etc. I feel more secure that I "know" my family, whereas I was feeling rather disconnected from some of them before.

On a related note, I wanted to jot down a few of the info tidbits and amusing comments exchanged over the weekend:

    Mom hated my outfit and (again) lectured me, telling me I wear everything 1-2 sizes too tight and it "shows off your worst features." Meanwhile my dad says, "Oh, I don't know, Hannah, I think her features stand out nicely..." (Dad is all about curves, LOL!)

    One of my sisters is saying she likes my haircut. Dad, standing in front of me, is like, "I always like your hair. That's your natural color, right?" Seeing as I dyed my hair RED recently, I was like, "WTF?" but instead I said, "No, you know this is dyed." Dad asks me what the color really is and me and my sister Carolyn go, "Um, it's the same as Nancy's!" Dad seems skeptical. (What really confuses me is that many times Dad has told me "I always think of you as a natural blond.")

    My niece Genevieve, who I think is around 10, got on my nerves all weekend -- the only relative to earn that distinction. The thing that bothers me is that she is really annoyingly bossy. I don't have a problem with strong girls, strong women, etc., but bossing around a toddler, a dog, other kids, and backtalking to adults just makes you either a bully or a troublemaker. The fact that Genevieve is frequently WRONG when she's lecturing the other kids also bugs me.

    My nephew Ian, who's 17, has started turning actually kinda handsome. He's very, very gangly (6'2" and like 120 lbs.) but his face is finally morphing into an adult's and he has the most beautiful nose. It's very long and acquiline, kind of like Captain Picard's. I almost told him so but I thought it would embarrass him to hear that from his aunt.

    My sister Carolyn was talking about her Grave's Disease, a thyroid disease she was diagnosed with around four years ago. One thing she mentioned is that my paternal grandmother probably had it too, as Dad recently told her how his mother had had an operation as a young woman to cut out part of her thyroid, and afterward her hair turned gray, when she was in late 20s. Carolyn's hair has white in it too now -- more than my mom, who's 70.

    Dad talked a lot about growing up and stuff in the past, which is unusual for him. I didn't really know anything about his family (including the fact that I had grandparents) until I was in my teens. Dad was telling nice stories about City Island though.

    Mom does deliveries for Meals on Wheels. She also donates to Planned Parenthood. She is so cool.

    Will, my nephew who is severely disabled, has been pretty healthy lately -- no hospital visits for 5 weeks or so. He seemed in good shape too. Can't say he's made any progress, but I swear I think he can understand what's being said. So sad though, since he can't even come close to responding, can't see, can't control his body.

    Nancy and her family are excited about moving to Ohio, where she'll be teaching at Oberlin. I'm going to fly out and visit them.

    I continue to love my brother's wife Cathy. She is so nice and I enjoy sitting with her explaining Darling lore and "backstory" so she's less confused by things :)