June 2nd, 2005

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This is new

A new client I'm working with sent me a package with materials to create a web site. They sent their electronic files to me on a memory stick! My computer has plenty of USB ports and I was able to get the data, but doesn't it seem weird to send a memory stick instead of a CD or disk? I assume they want it back afterward.
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What popped my tires?

Feeling ridiculously sluggish and out of it all day.

So I went out to run errands, thinking, "Fresh air will wake me up!" Well, turns out, not really.

I went to the post office and mailed a package to my brother and his wife, pictures of their son Owen, including one I put in a nice frame. Afterward I went over to the greengrocer and got some yummy fruits and vegies.

Yet the whole time, I felt like somebody had popped my tires or something -- I want to GO, but my tires are flat and so I push through life very, very slowly, and only with a considerable amount of effort.

I've got a dull headache today too, which I think is maybe sinuses but I'm never sure anymore. Another weird issue for today is that I have no appetite. I had breakfast (a bagel) at 11 a.m. -- and I wasn't even that hungry. Around 1 I had 3-4 crackers. Just now I had an Odwalla energy bar, which I guess is my lunch?

On the up side, I somehow managed to design a new web site and it looks good.
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Something fishy about this...

I'm doing a new web site and the client has asked me to put this graphic on the home page:

The caption talks about their polymer aging detection technology. It does NOT provide any explanation for the fish.

I mean, is it saying polymers rot like fish? Or is it maybe Christian plastic? I just don't get it.
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Bird bath

My two birds are, for the most part, pretty predictable. I've had them for about four years and they aren't the kind of birds eager to try new things. They hate any change.

Anyway, today I was please to see at least one of them being adventurous!

I was lying in bed reading and, as I often do, I glanced over to the cage, around 10 feet away, to see what they were up to. There I see Cal hop over to the water dish. She leans way over and initially I think she's taking an awfully big drink, but then I realized she's jumped IN the water dish. She starts thrashing around, then hops out, then hops in, thrashes, hops out, etc. Yay, Cal was taking a BATH!

I've tried to interest them in baths before, but my birds either freak out at something new being in the cage or they ignore it completely. I use a mister on them from time to time and they seem to enjoy it. It's so much cuter when they jump in the water though.


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&#@*7%! computer!

My Internet problem is still not fixed and now, for the second night in a row, I'm trying to figure out how to stop a "Not Responding" problem with Outlook 2000. I fixed it last night but somehow I goofed it up again. I'm now going through MS Product Support files AGAIN.

I so need to get on with buying a new computer.

*pets current computer nicely*
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