June 6th, 2005

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The weekend before our trip to Italy, Caleb is probably going to be speaking at a conference in Savannah. And since he'll get a hotel room for that, I may be going with him. I really hope I do, since I've only been there twice and neither time turned out how I wanted. The ironwork, the Spanish moss, the cemeteries, the gorgeous houses, and seafood!

Caleb says he wants me to help him out drive part of the way here, on the incredibly boring interstate, since it's a 3 or 4 hr. drive. Not sure if he was serious of if I could manage that. I would be willing to drive IN Savannah, on back country roads, even state roads, but the interstate intimidates me -- there would be big rigs and multiple lanes. Anyway, we'll see how that turns out. I think I'd like to drive around at least a bit, like roaming around in search of some out of the way seafood restaurant or cemetery :)

P.S. For anybody wondering where Savannah is exactly, here's a map. I honestly had never heard of it before I moved to Georgia.
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I forgot to mention it, but late Friday night I managed to fix my Outlook, weirdly, fixing it by synching my PalmPilot and almost "jump-starting" it!

And just now I turned my computer on for the day, after being on for two days, and magically the network's back. Highspeed, here I come. I think I should find streaming audio and movie to watch all day, I swear...
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I went to the allergist's today to get my weekly shot and noticed my arm was pretty itchy afterward and I could even feel the bump. Pat, the nurse on duty, said it looked fine though. On the way out of the building I stopped in the ladies' room and checked it in the mirror. The swelling was like 3/4 inch long. Back home again (after about an hour, due to MARTA problems) I checked it again, because it was bugging me, and the swelling is now like 2 inches long! I'm sure it will go down on its own but it's quite an impressive mark! I wonder if those mosquito bites last week have sensitized me, because I know my histamine system was on overdrive last weekend.

Yeah, I'm Biased, But... Book Rec!

The first book in the fantasy trilogy I'm editing, A Dream and A Lie, is finally being published this month. I've posted about it in my LJ before but just to beat everybody over the head, I have to say, it's magnificent.

In addition to doing the editing, I was the cover artist. Gabriel Strange has done a great job on the layout and typesetting, making it look appropriately goth.

I've just launched a new web site for the book series, and Fiona McGavin, at http://www.metrogirl.com/mcgavin/. I think the book will be available quite soon!
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So. Hot. So. Soon.

It was almsot 90 today. Gah! Stocking weather is already over, damn it! Of course I say this knowing whatever the weather, I'll still go out in all black, all polyester, etc., and then say, "Oh, shit, right, I live in Georgia!" LOL. Today I was up in Buckhead for my shot and it was such an oven, and it's only early June. The worst time is around August 1. And then in September, the best weather of the year.