June 7th, 2005

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Allergy shot reaction

While I was over at Caleb's helping him get ready to leave, I showed him the thing on my arm from my shot. It's still there, about 2 1/2 inches long and 1 in. wide. He looked at it and told me to call the clinic right away.

I called and talked to the nurse, who said the shot probably went into the muscle. Since I'm not having any breathing problems, severe pain or itching or anything else indicating something really dangerous, she told me to ice it and take some antihistamine. It doesn't hurt, but the big pig oval on the inside of my arm sure looks weird.

Next week when I go in, I'm supposed to take some antihistamine beforehand and will probably be asked to wait around afterwar to make sure everything is OK. They may also adjust the level of medication, which may set me back a week or so in the schedule but they want to play it safe.
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I just had one those "OMG! *WHAT* time is it?" moments. Because it's still light out, I was kind of thinking it was like 7. But no, it's 8:45! I mean, I know in my head when sundown is, but yikes, major lost time going on here... Been working, going through emails and carrying out lots of client requests, totally lost track of time. Dinner? What's that? Should go maybe consider matters of the stomach.
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Today I had fruit salad and discovered that, yes, as always, I find watermelon disgusting.

This surprises me a bit, as over time I've come to like many foods and beverages that I hated as a kid and even as an adult. But I'm growing up I guess :)

Among the things I formerly liked that I now either LOVE or at least don't hate:

- champagne
- wine
- beer
- hard liquor
- coffee
- tea
- squash
- canteloupe
- fish
- clams
- yams

There aren't many foods I've grown up to HATE, but I've certainly turned off meat. I mean, I LOVE meat, but there are like 100 reasons I no longer eat it. And for certain meats, like chicken, I really sometimes can't even swallow it, because it starts to feel "alive" for me. Working in the UGA dining hall and having to "clean" whole chicken breasts / carcasses really did a lot to alter my opinion of fried chicken :(
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Syrupy News

You know you're in the South when a client gives you think news item (well, a press release they're passing off as news) titled, "Waffle House® restaurants and Coca-Cola® celebrate 50-year partnership with the "Waffle House Experience".

*dutily posts item*
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Schwartze Katze

I just had a glass of Schwartze Katze, the wonderful $8 German wine. It's AMAZING how drunk and how HAPPY it makes me. I was just rolling around on my bed like a cat with a bellyful of catnip. Mmmmm. Walking around, my feet keep slipping, as I'm having trouble keeping my balance. That stuff is so sweet and yum... like plum wine, which also gets me plastered. Not as plastered as that drink from Trader Vic's did (that will never be topped) but aiiiiiiiighghghg, pretty plastered!

Nice to feel good instead of bad. Oh yes!
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Boop boop be doop

Caleb's gone backward in time! He's in LA!

I am slightly less drunk now. Wish there was chocolate around here somewhere. I have the munchies. Licorice is not going to do it. Maybe that instant custard I bought in England? Just add water...

OK, maybe I'm still drunk.