June 8th, 2005

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Giving me ideas...

I've started browsing Atlanta Craigslist lately and I particulary enjoy the FREE section. On offer at the moment:

free box of porn

Free case of ponchos.

Fake pirate's gun for use with costume


I mean... free... And think, if I scored all those things, I could form a gang that wears nothing but ponchos and pantyhose. I could be the gang leader and command people with my fake pirate gun. And we can all enjoy a box full of Hustlers and Playboy!
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Mad dogs and Wendy go out in the midday sun

I don't know why even bother to vent about it, but damn it's hot out! It's only early June and going outside makes my brain boil. Especially when going out involves walking to City Hall. Atlanta has a lot of trees generally, but the area where all the government buildings are is nothing but concrete and marble. At least they accepted my business license renewal without charging me the late fine.

On the way back I think I heard my brain sizzling like eggs on a griddle. Fortunately, I made an impulse decision to go into Park Place Books, a bookstore only a few blocks from home which somehow I have never visited. It's a student bookstore and except for the igauna they keep in the window, doesn't look big or impressive from the outside. But inside there are books! And office supplies! I got a tiny Italian phrase book, which will be helpful, plus a book that's elementary math for fools like me. I was fascinated by the examples in the book, all practical stuff I could use. I don't like math, but the fact I'm starting to forget how to do division scares me.

Back home I picked up a package from Amazon today: my new 12-disc LotR extended edition DVD set! Yay! I should watch one every day that Caleb's gone. I probably *won't*, but I should! I will watch one probably ;)
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I'm interested in...

Except for Harry Potter, anime and yaoi, this is quite true!

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. reading score: 18
2. art score: 15
3. music score: 15
4. harry potter score: 12
5. fanfiction score: 11
6. anime score: 11
7. sushi score: 11
8. books score: 11
9. science fiction score: 10
10. lord of the rings score: 10
11. cooking score: 9
12. drawing score: 9
13. cats score: 9
14. poetry score: 9
15. magic score: 9
16. sci-fi score: 7
17. yaoi score: 7
18. the cure score: 7
19. history score: 7
20. linguistics score: 7

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