June 10th, 2005

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Food Heaven

There's a lot I could blather on about tonight but I think I will just focus on one thing right now, one GOOD THING:

I took myself out on a date tonight. That is to say, for no real reason, I decided to take myself out to McCormick & Schmick, the fancy seafood restaurant up the street, and have a nice dinner. It's not bank-breakingly expensive, but it's a little more than I usually go for, since it's my opinion the best food isn't the most expensive. (My favorite restaurant, Baraonda, is quite cheap.) Anyway, took myself there and had THE BEST CLAMS EVER!

The main entree was overcooked and the rest of the meal was just normal, but the appetizer I got, Manila clams in garlic and parsley broth, was just un-be-liev-a-ble. It was a bowl of a couple dozen little clams in the yummiest broth. They were perfectly cooked and melted in my mouth.

It was orgasmic, better than ice cream and as good as really good chocolate. I was tapping my feet excitedly the whole time I was eating, because I felt like getting up and dancing. I went on and on about it to the waitress, saying I could eat about 5 bowls of that or a bowl every day and never tired of it. I have got to go back there and order that again. Oh, and proving my point about good doesn't mean expensive, this huge delicious appetizer was only $7!

What's funny is, until recently I never liked clams except in clam chowder, preferably my father's. Dad used to buy big bags of steamers to serve along with his chowder but I usually only had one or two because I thought they were gross. But over time I seemed to have gotten over my feelings and these tonight were not gross, they were deciiiiiiiiicous, although I did find Lewis Carroll's "The Walrus and the Carpenter" running through my head.
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Yes! Yes! At Last! At Last!

League of Gentlemen is just about to be released for Region 1 in a boxed set, all three seasons plus the Chrismas Special!

Look, here it is!

OMG, is this DVD thrill month? I already ordered Season 1 of Little Britain, which is just coming out, then I got this LotR boxed set and now this. Well, I kind of HAVE to get this, because it's the most notable TV show I've seen in the past several years. InSANE!
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Online Music

Since I've really listened to most of my CDs to death and I don't do MP3s and filesharing, I've been looking for some sort of high energy music live stream for a while and have found a good one at last!

Radio Italia Network

Very good music to work to, especially for me since I get their night programming -- no ads -- during the evening, as they're six hours ahead.

Caleb listens to Germany's Eins Live and I agree it's fab, but it has a lot more ads and pop music. This Italian station is just mainly electronic stuff and strange remixes.

The other things I listen to on live streaming as WABE (Atlanta's NPR station) and Colorado Public Broadcasting all-Classical stream. I used to listen to Radio VH1's various stations a lot but for the past few months it seems to get disconnected and/or crash my browser, so I've gone off it. Their 80s channel is great.
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