June 11th, 2005

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Book going on a lonnnnnng trip

The vintage Federico Fellini book I was auctioning on eBay just sold -- to somebody in Hong Kong. I need to go to the post office Monday and figure out what the postage is going to be. Glad I sold it though; I prefer selling books I don't want, rather than just dumping them to the library or charity.
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LotR thoughts

Since it arrived on Thursday, I've been watching LotR. First I watched the whole set of discs for Return of the King, which I'm pretty sure is my favorite of the three, and now I'm going through Fellowship of the Ring. I just finished watching Fellowship a few minutes ago and I guess tomorrow I'll watch the two Appendices discs. Hours and hours of enjoyment!

Anyway, watching RotK and FotK, I've come up with a few observations on the movies in general, as well as the extended editions and the scenes that have been added in. Naturally I give all the movies a 5/5 rating, but there are still a few things that make me wince...

  • Throughout the series, the plot (particularly the fate of the Fellowship) is directed by stupid decisions made by Hobbits. Examples: Hobbits lighting fire in the fortress, Hobbit dropping stuff down a well in Moria, Hobbit having a look at that crystal ball, etc., etc.
  • I'm definitely not fond of all the sequences in the film where some major event has happened and suddenly there's soaring music, soft focus and everybody is showing shouting and crying, but you can't hear what they're saying. Examples of this: Fellowship atter the "death" of Gandalf -- and the ENTIRE last 20-30 minutes of RotK.
  • The scene on the extended edition in City of the Dead, with the thousands of skulls, should have STAYED on the cutting room floor. It's just kind of silly really and smacks of Indiana Jones type stuff.
  • Gimli has by the the stupidest lines in the movie. He's supposed to be comic relief and/or earnestness, but it's just lame.
  • I know the ending of RotK was pretty unavoidable, but pretty much from the moment Sam and Frodo are rescued from Mount Doom, the movie goes downhill. It's all soft focus, sentimental, crying, sweet, and gooey. I *hate* the scene where Frodo is waking up and says hello to each Fellowship member, one by one. Reminds me way to much of Dorothy waking up in Wizard of Oz.
  • This is definitely a "me" thing to be irritated by, but I kept wondering what the hell the Fellowship eats. The Mines of Moria are supposed to take days to get through. Do they not eat during this time? Where did the food come from? Didn't it get frozen on those icy snowy mountains?
  • How does the Steward of Gondor end up with the Horn of Gondor, which his son dies carrying? It's in Fellowship and shows up in Return but I don't know how it does that. (Is it in Twin Towers?)
  • I think the Elves are silly.

Oh, and of all the characters, I have the biggest hots for: Faramir. Pippin and Merry are incredibly cute too, but Faramir is noble and has wonderful, liquid eyes.
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