June 12th, 2005


i went OUT

went out clubbing with daniel. thanks to his sometime employment at the club, got in w/o cover at the future. danced a lot, didn't get tired. felt like i was only there an hour, but it was 3 when we left. fun fun fun. nice eye candy, esp. wraeththu-like male in a full-length utilikilt type deal, and black around his eyes. hopefully will go back next week? i have no problem staying up late, especially when i don't even know it's late. time flies.

need a shower now, to get off all the cigarette-smelling sweat!
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Sunny Sunday

I swear, going dancing was like having a massive shot of happy medicine or something. Had a great day and felt great all day, almost high!

After getting home at 3:15, watched some more LotR extras and thus didn't end up going to bed until 4 or so. Aside from waking up to a phone call from Caleb at 7:45, I slept 'til 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Felt slightly guilty about that, but I felt terrific, so what the hell? I figure if I slept that late, I really needed the sleep.

Caleb arrived around 1:30, back from his trip to California, and invited me over. He was very excited and showed me all the pictures he took, books he'd bought, maps and pamphlets for the LA Metro, etc. He really, really enjoyed his trip and has a different perspective on both that area and Atlanta. For example, while he was out there he bought the whole "V" TV series on DVD and when we were watching some scenes shot in the hills, he said, "Oh, my God, I was right, LA really does look like V!" LOL. I personaly think it looks like "M*A*S*H."

I went home for a bit and then the plan was for he, Daniel and I to meet up for dinner. Things got messed up since the Chinese place was closed, but we wound up at Ted's Montana Grill and had a yummy dinner. Caleb talked a lot about the premise of this James Kunstler book he's reading, The Long Emergency, which is very Doomsday and profound. Afterward we ditched the deep discussion by going for a walk in Centennial Olympic Park. We watched kids play in the fountain and after making a circuit, went back again, at which point I handed over my wallet, phone, etc. and ran around in the fountain myself. I got pretty soaked. Back at Caleb's we watched "V" again, the episode where that little girl pupates into a pretty half-lizard teenager.

They went out to Whole Foods afterward but I of course had to feed my LotR extra addiction...
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