June 13th, 2005

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It's a good thing I don't have a bigger place (esp. a house!), because if I did, I'd be going broke buying pet food for all my pets. The only thing that keeps me from having more pets is lack of space, I swear. I contemplate pets and animals a lot and daydream about future ones and what I'll get next, after the piggies and birdies have passed on.

So far, possibilities for future pets, at my *current* home include:

- Cat, either kitten or old or very lazy. Only after the birds are gone though. (The kitten, old or lazy caveats is because that's what's recommended in a cat that will leave piggies alone.) I like a lot of different sorts of cats but my favorites are black cats, long-haired, tabbies and Maine coon.

- Cockatiel. They are so, so friendly, often hand-tamed as babies, and very people-oriented. I could use the bird cage I have from Pell and Cal, since it's the right size. One problem is if I got another bird, I couldn't have a cat.

- Zebra finches. They are so cute and peep peep peep. They wouldn't be out of the cage, though, so no poop in weird places. But again, would not get a cat if I had birds, even in a cage.

- Hamsters. They are so cute and active! Whee!

As for future pets, in a future home with more room / a yard:

- Dog. Of course! I *love* dogs, especially big ones. I'd love a German Shepherd -- smart, beautiful dog. I love Golden Retrievers too but I think given my great, great love for my dog Taffy, it would be unfair to get another one, since they'd never live up. A new kind of dog would be better. I also love the big black and white dogs popular in Germany... no idea what they're called but they are sweet as hell.

- Tortoise or turtles.

- Lots more guinea pigs! I'd love to have a "mud room" I could put like 10 pigs in. That'd be so cool.

On a related note, in August I'm going in for volunteer orientation at the Atlanta Humane Society, which is in biking distance. I'm going to have to be real careful I don't bring things home with me! I don't know what volunteer work I'd end up doing, but I figure I'd like to help and it would put me around other people and animals. Taking care of small critters would be fun.
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Business as a good neighbor

This article ran in today's paper and I was so impressed with it that I wrote in a letter to the paper. I love when people step up to the plate and help.

A wash, write cycle
New spin on learning: A southwest Atlanta Laundromat offers customers' kids free tutoring every Tuesday night.

Every Tuesday night, Laundromax, a giant Laundromat on Campbellton Road in southwest Atlanta, provides free tutoring for customers' school-age children.

"Catch up on your laundry, while your children catch up in school," reads a banner in the window.

Cooke, a teacher at High Point Elementary School in Sandy Springs who moonlights as a tutor, pushes the six to 10 children she works with each week to work on the skills in which they are weak. For many, that's writing.

Dale Turner, district manager for Laundromax's Atlanta locations, came up with the idea to provide free tutoring when she noticed the kids who accompanied their parents to the Laundromat weren't passing the time by reading books. "They run around, and they play video games," she said. "I thought there must be something more constructive for them to do."

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Careful, careful

Went in for my allergy shot today and they were extra careful with me, after last week's shot, which left me with a giant oval-shaped welt on my arm that took a few days to fade. This time they were so careful with the needle I didn't even feel it. Afterward they put an ice pack on the arm and attached it with an Ace bandage, which I had to keep on for 20 minutes. There was no reaction whatsoever but they put cortisone on it anyway. The nurse thinks that what happened was they accidentally shot the serum into my muscle, which can cause a big reaction. I was very relieved I didn't have that reaction again, as it was a little scary, even though it didn't really hurt.
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Birds looking up

3 years after throwing in the towel on the idea of training my birds to be nice, I've decided to start working with them again. With Cal I'm doing "step up" on the finger exercises in the cage and giving her mister bottle showers, which she loves. With Pell I'm doing special exercises in the bathroom, holding her for five minutes, then letting her "escape" and then getting her to sit on my finger for a few minutes until she realizes it's safe. Today I even opened the door and walked out into the room with her, before she flew away.

I don't have high hopes that either of them will ever become the kind of cuddly sweet budgies all the other budgie people seem to have, but if they will just stop being miserable and acting like I want to kill them, that would make me feel like our relationship has improved. I love animals but all of mine basically are super paranoid and only tolerate me because I give them food. Dogs and cats are way easier to deal with.
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Example of how to be a bad community moderator

A couple of months ago an LJ community I've active started to get frustrated with the decisions of some of the mods, who were rejecting a lot of posts. So some person said, "Hey, let's do our own community for the rejected stuff!" Now a bunch of people thought that was stupid, but some people like me signed up for the new community and posted. There was a backlog of rejected stuff that kept the community active, but then fewer and fewer posts, as people had to wait to be rejected by the other group.

So what does the mod do? First she starts posting saying, "Where are your posts? Come on!" which is rather pathetic. Then she decided to post a long political message, like a petition or MoveOn.org type message to the community -- which is in no way a political or topical list. People in the community reply to her saying, "That's cool, but don't post it here." What does this do? Well, have a fit, naturally! She replies with "There are no rules, I run this, deal with it or leave." A few days later she posts again saying how people need to stop attacking her political post and how she posted it "for people who don't read my LJ." Everybody is like, "Well, it still doesn't make it right to use this community for that." Which made her post ANOTHER political post, incite another fight, and now everybody is leaving the community. I wonder how many Friends this chick has, if she's so combatitive...
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Another funny ID badge...

He he...

No, I never went to NYU, but I did live in one of their dorms for the summer, I perfected my "Russian exchange student" look while doing so. And those are my uncool glasses, which I ditched once I moved to Atlanta and found vintage ones.
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