June 16th, 2005


Cold, Hot

So my mom just emailed me (yes, at midnight) saying how it's in the 40s in Massachusetts right now and they have the HEAT on! Also: "The ocean temp went from 65 degrees on Monday to 49 today." Very Day After Tomorrow, huh? Sheesh, even *I* wouldn't go in 49 degree water, though I used to go swimming in the 55 degree water in Maine. But... 40s? Brrrrr!

Meanwhile it's been in the 90s here in Georgia. 90s! It would feel a lot worse but at least during the day, the humidity seems to be down and there's some breeze. At night it's like a big armpit though, reminds me of Savannah or Florida or some of these other moist places, where the air feels like it's been pumped through a humidifier.

What is weather like where YOU are?

I know, lame lame topic but hey, doesn't everybody talk about the weather?
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Random List of 10

10 Things I Suck At:

  1. Handwriting.
  2. Driving. (Though when I did drive, I was decent. Now I'm just hugely out of practice.)
  3. Learning dance steps.
  4. Understanding words when they're spelled out loud. (I literally just can't process it, at least not easily. It's weird.)
  5. Remembering numbers over 4 digits.
  6. Math.
  7. Pronouncing French.
  8. Applying nail polish.
  9. Almost any video game that uses a joystick.

And to mention a random talent: If I run out a shampoo in the shower, I can wipe away the steam on the glass and pitch the bottle across the room into the garbage bin with perfect accuracy. I don't know HOW I do this, but I can.

Um... I guess since 10 is missing, I'll make it 10. Knowing when I'm too tired to be posting to LJ.
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Longing for the ocean

I've suddenly got an urge to go swimming. In the ocean. Kind of sucks, since it's like 4 hours away.

This leads me thinking about maybe using the free flight I earned on AirTran and going somewhere on the ocean. But where? I'm not interested in Florida. No Bahamas either. Not into tropics. South Carolina? Not sure about that. Jersey Shore? That has more potential. Got a prejudice against Cape Cod.

These leaves the beaches I grew up going to, in southern New Hampshire and Maine. People say, "What the HELL?" but that's what I like -- I know a lot more about freezing water than that blue warm stuff. But the trick is, how do I get to these beaches unless my parents drive me? I could go to Boston and then rent a car and drive there myself. There must be a non-highway route to New Hampshire, right? I could drive on the scenic coastal route once I'm there, as it's not high speed. Going to Maine is a longer haul. There's an express train from Boston to Portland though. I wonder if there are beaches near Portland with maybe shuttle buses or something.

Another idea, totally idle, is Nova Scotia. Water's warmer up there than in Maine. Strange but true, due to the Gulf Stream. I went there as a kid and the landscape was so amazing.

I so want to get bashed by some waves... but they're so far away!
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WABE, Atlanta's local NPR station, is currently playing a classical piano interpretation of the theme from "The X Files." After this (I'm serious) they're doing parts of the soundtrack for Close Encounters. I love John Lemley, the afternoon deejay. I don't know if he programs this stuff, but it seems like he's always tossing in interesting oddities like this, especially film scores. The other day he played the theme to 1941.
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Twiddling thumbs

Been having one of those days where I keep having to wait for people to call me back. There are also a couple of emails I'm expecting from clients that haven't come in yet.

Whenever my client DOES call me back and we talk, I'm going over to the fruit & vegie stand and then finding lunch somewhere or other. Then I'll finish watching the LotR extras!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to move forward on everything. And this weekend I'll probably spend a full day doing a job for Caleb's company, so I shouldn't feel bad about goofing off a bit today... after my client calls back.

*glares at phone*
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Oh, for crap's sake...

Client called and we talked, then attempted to solve a technical problem I've been having.

End result of discussion: They don't know who hosts their web site!


I'm now going to have to do some sleuthing to see if I can figure it out using WHOIS.

But to not know who hosts your web site?
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Banned Books

In this list of banned books, bold the ones you've read and italicize the ones you've read part of, and then you're supposed to convince other people to read some.

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Well, I see some of my all time FAVORITE books are on here, including four dystopian fiction books which concern themselves with fascism and totalitarianism: Animal Farm, 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and The Handmaid's Tale. Naturally I recommend all four of them.

Other books on this list I can comment on (and recommend):
  1. Huckleberry Finn, totally cracks me up. I have an antique copy with wonderful illustrations.
  2. Tom Jones, is SOOOOOO funny. The funniest 18th century I've read, besides Ben Franklin's stuff (um, also banned).
  3. Scarlet Letter was REQUIRED reading where I grew up, seeing as it's set basically in the same area... and enjoyed that book greatly.
  4. Confucius' Analects is banned somewhere? Errr... why would that be? Pretty thought-provoking stuff.
  5. Sherlock Holmes -- I have all the stories in a bound volume with their original illustrations. I assume it was banned somewhere due to the opium usage and/or violence?
  6. I read portions of Leviathan for a report I did on Thomas Hobbes. Pretty over the top stuff.
  7. Bridge to Terabithia I recently reread. A childhood favorite, it stands up well. So it includes the death of a child. Um... realism? Hello?
  8. Satyricon is absolutely one of the coolest things I've ever read. Ancient Roman madness!