June 18th, 2005

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Figured it out, random bits

So that client of mine that didn't know who was hosting their web site, which they've had for like 5 years? I was able to track down the host using WHOIS, get in touch with them, and get them to reset the password. Yay!


Had a fun night, with several surpirses.

First I went to Sidebar on my own, thinking it was neighborhood happy hour night, but even though it wasn't, I met some neighbors there, had a drink and one of their nice sandwiches.

Got home and Caleb was wanting to go out, so we met up and went to Decatur. When we arrived, turned out Decatur was having its big "Beach Party" festival, which is funny since there's no real beach. They had life music, food, vendors, amusement rides, and a block of street covered in beach sand for the kiddies to play in, plus a sprinkler. It was $5 to get in so we didn't go but we did walk around town and go in a couple of shops.

We were walking through Decatur Station to get around to the ice cream shop when Caleb spotted the 18 bus, which runs back all the way to Downtown. On a whim, we took that, but after riding through Kirkwood and various spots, we got tired of it and got out in Candler Park to take the train home. Illogical, but hey...

Back Downtown, we transferred to the north line and went up to 5th St. to get ice cream. Yay! Had that, then went home on the train again and wound up at Caleb's, watching more V. Caleb got the whole series on DVD recently and so we've been OD'ing on bad 80s hair and illogical plots. Gotta love V though!
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Good Saturday, sunburn

Another good day! Seem to be having a string of them! *knock on wood*

This morning I *finally* managed to clean the main room, which had degenerated into a pretty extraordinary, sick and digusting mess. My sink had become a toxic waste dump and I discoverd six pairs of shoes on the floor. I made pretty quick work of it though and even cleaned the pigs' and birds' cages, plus gave the pigs a bath.

When I was all done and I was having lunch, Caleb called asking me if I'd like to meet him over at Glenwood Park for the grand opening party. At first I said no, but then I finished lunch and checked the bus schedule. Since the bus was set to leave in 8 minutes, I decided to go after all.

Turned out to be pretty fun, though very, VERY hot! I took the bus over there and was sweating already by the time I walked the 1/4 mile from the stop. Then I had to wait about 10 minutes for Caleb and his coworkers Carolina to meet me and I felt like I was sitting in a frying pan. The place isn't a big parking lot or anything but at 2 p.m. there wasn't a shadow or shade to be had and I was waiting in a little park with a pebble ground. Ack! Finally he arrived and soon there was another coworker, 10 City Councilors from Hapeville he was giving a tour of the property, then a group of about 20 disability rights protestors, then a flood of others. We walked around the project, toured a couple of homes and had some food & drinks at the VIP party, which I got a pass to. It all culminated in a grand opening event with a dance troop, about 10 developers & public officials speaking then a wild bird release of two hawks. There were lots of people Caleb knew and some I knew, so it was a good time. After the to-do ended Caleb and some friends and I went into these cool condo units this guy at his work designed. One of them had the longest stairs I've ever seen in a home! You'd get really fit living there, for sure!

One of Caleb's friends gave us a ride home, which was fab. Back home, I realized I'd got a killer sunburn. Oops. I'd been wearing a spoprts tank top and it pretty much has been branded (in reverse) onto my torso. I never quite realize how damn white I am until my exposed parts are lobster red. Shoulder and chest are scorched. My face is only slightly colored. My feet have a tan showing the shoes I was wearing! Ow, ow, ow!

Feeling woozy from all that scorching sun, I watched Animal Planet for a couple of hours and then realized I could get free food & stuff at the building party happening downstairs. It was pot luck, but I'd forgotten all about it so I didn't bring anything. Good food. Also free drinks, so I had a nice Blue (blueberry flavored) SweetWater. (Yes, I now drink beer.)

Caleb turned up while I was finishing the food so we went upstairs and watched TV. One revelation came up during the Jane Goodall "When Animals Talk Show." Caleb was saying how common it is for people to look like their pets and for their pets to even act like them. I agreed that's often true. I mean, I think I can say that even with my own small animals, part of the reason why they are jumpy and stressed out is because of me. But interestingly, I've noticed that for the past month or so, they've been more inquisitive, cuddly, gentler, etc. -- and I've been on antidepressants and am feeling better! I wonder if they pick up on my mood.