June 19th, 2005

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July & August will be REALLY hot here!

So yesterday I got a sunburn and today up in Chamblee I roasted on the outdoor patio of a restaurant. Even under big umbrellas everybody with me wound up sweating and drinking a lot of sweet tea and iced Coke*.

Meanwhile I call Mom & Dad, mainly to deliver a Happy Father's Day message, and it's still so chilly where there that they have a FIRE going. Mom tells me it was in the 60s today during the day and will be in the 40s at night. Mom & Dad both agree this spring has been cold even for Massachusetts.

* God, so Georgia...
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Bird Training Continues

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I hadn't done any training with Pell since Tuesday so I did it again this evening.

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And now for something complete different!

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I am very surprised either of these birds are this willing to work with me. They still won't let me come up to them OUTSIDE the bathroom, but I'm hoping if I keep doing this frequently the lessons will sink in.