June 20th, 2005

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Depression update

I've been hesistant to make a post about it, since I'm a bit superstitious about such things, but I've felt good (i.e. non-depressed) for an entire week now. Aside from last night and a bit ot today when I was threatened with headache and/or got a bit irritable, I've been feeling quite well. Been productive, clear-headed, and haven't really had headaches. Yay.

*knock on wood*
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Just had another dizzy spell. I had it sitting down and then got up and duh! it got worse. Went to the couch for a bit. After a couple of minutes I fixed myself a bowl of cereal, thinking food might help. Maybe I'm just hungry? The food hasn't hit yet. I still feel kind of weird. Breaking out the iron pills seems like a good idea; the past couple of weeks I've been too lazy to cut the silly things out of the foil casing so I haven't taken them. Although I have dizzy spells even when I'm taking the iron, so who knows.

Father's Day

So last night around 9:30 I called home to chat and say Happy Father's Day. I assumed I was probably going to be the last of the kids to call home.

Mom emailed me today:
Thanks for calling last night. Dad was waiting all day for his kids to
call. You made his hit list. Nancy and Carolyn didn't call but Nancy
wrote a card. I think Nancy is in England.

Aw! There are five of us and Dad's been sick -- I have no clue why nobody else called. Weirdness!

I wish I could also think of a present for Dad, but he was really happy to talk with me, so that's probably enough. Besides, I don't think there any more submarine movies he hasn't seen!
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Reply for the Senator

Yesterday, urged on by the ACLU, I sent out emails to my Congressmen -- Sen. Chambliss (R), Sen. Isakson (R), and Rep. Lewis (D) -- about conditions at U.S.-run prisons like the one at Guantanamo Bay as well as secret prisons located in other countries.

This is the surprisingly neutral and decent reply from Sen. Chambliss. True, he / his office uses that billion-times-repeated phrase "Global War on Terrorism" but other than that, it's not nutcakey particularly.

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Bizzy dizzy

Having one of those days where so much work has been flung at me I really don't know what to do. So I'm waiting on a client to call me and say he's ready to meet me up in Midtown. Beats working! I was dizzy this morning for no reason, now I'm dizzy for a reason.
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Met up with Franco, my Italian importer customer. Part of his final payment to me is going to come in the form of imported Italian food. I am going to stock up on olive oil, cookies, cheese, candy, Limonata, etc.!


I've had spells of dizziness/nausea off an on all day. It happened again after I met with Franco. Odd it happened then, since I'd just drunk 3 glasses of water and ate food. So not like I was dehydrated. It's not even that hot out. But I feel kind of pukey and woozy. Like that time I thought I was going to pass out on the train.

Been considering the variations of everyday human consciousness. Have something to write later about that, but for now, I'm trying to monitor my consciousness.

I've launched three new web sites in the past week and may get another couple done this week. Not bad! Now if some checks would come in, that would be super cool!

Savannah is this weekend. (Yes, I know it's Atlanta Pride too, but I'm not going.) I don't think I'll be going to this conference thing of Caleb's, since I probably need a registration, so maybe I will try and find a way to see the ocean. The visitor's bureua surely can tell me a shuttle or something to take me to Tybee or a boat trip. I want ocean! I don't have to go swimming, just smell the salt water and catch the breeze.

After my meeting with Franco, went to the B&N next door and visited the music department. I was looking for the new Bjork album, which turns out doesn't come out 'til July. Oh well. I did find two really good bargains in the Classical section, two double-CD sets, one Liszt and the other Mozart. I previewed them and they're nice recordings. They don't seem to play Liszt much on the local NPR station, so now I have my own.

I working at training the birds again today. Actually I only did Pell. She was not as nice today, less trusting, but it went OK. I wanted to do Cal too but she was evasive. I'll do her tonight.

The piggies are doing great. Abbie is getting the hang of the ramp. She now knows that if YinYang is "upstairs" she should go investigate. And actually one time she got up there FIRST. I know, mind-blowing discoveries.

I went to Whole Foods with Daniel tonight during a thunderstorm and while we were in the middle of the produce section, the lights went out. It was cool. I heard Daniel whistling somewhere nearby. After about 10 seconds the lights came on again. I wonder if anybody got kissed. He he.

And that is all. For now.